Remember when weddings were simple affairs with family and close friends?  I do.  I had a very small wedding at home.  I designed my wedding ensemble, and Mme Mère created it, top to bottom.  She spent hours hand beading the Juliet Cap and sewing tiny seed pearls into the Alençon lace bodice.  The pictures may have faded with time, but the memories have not. 

I did my own makeup, and my long hair was tucked up under the Cap in a neat chignon.  No muss; no fuss. 

Things are very different today.





  1. What a beautiful bride you were - understated elegance and refinement. You actually looked just like a princess. So many modern brides attempt the princess look and, sadly, just end up looking overdone and vulgar.

  2. A beautiful bridal photo, Marie-Thérèse! You mother was a talented veil designer. And I love the details, your earrings, the flowers and the collar of your dress! Lovely makeup too!


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