Quick Tips

Photo Quick Tips

When choosing what to wear for photos, be aware that the camera adds 10 to 12 pounds. Turning your body slightly to the right or left (a 3/4 angle) will make you look slimmer. Also keep in mind that, while dark fabrics absorb light, shiny fabrics such as satins and brocades reflect light which can add pounds in unflattering places. A few drops of eye drops before the camera starts clicking will make your eyes look bright and sparkly !!  

Beauty Quick Tips

Keep a Q-tip in your purse for those quick, under-eye touch-ups or smudges.  Roll your Q-tip in a bit of hand cream, gently rub and voilà! you've removed that offending smudge without ruining your make-up or pulling at the delicate skin around your eye

Zip-lock baggies are not just for getting through airport security.  They also make terrific makeup bags for traveling.  They take up less room than a leather case, you can see what you have without opening them, and when they get dirty, you just throw them away. 

Foundation and tinted moisturizers are meant to give an overall polish to the skin, but NOT to cover up imperfections and flaws; that's the job of a good concealer.   To get the most out of your concealer, powder the area FIRST with a translucent powder, then add concealer just where you need it and powder again to set. 

Slimming Quick Tips

So, you forgot to pack your favorite pair of Spanx before you left, and you just need that little bit of tummy control under your favorite skinny jeans.  What to do?  Here's a cheap, quick tip.  Run down to the local drug store, buy a pair of control top pantyhose in a smaller size and cut off the legs.  You'll never know the difference.......and neither will they. 

Where your shoulder bag falls on your body can make all the difference for the short/petite woman.  Your bag should fall just above your hip area.  Avoid a length that falls right at your hips, as this will make you appear wider and shorter.  A shoulder bag that falls too short (i.e., right around the bust area) will also visually shorten your torso. 


  1. Love the repurposed pantyhose idea - BRILLIANT!

  2. Excellent tips and ideas in a concise and well-written format - thank you! I needed these today. :-)


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