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Kentucky Derby Day 2013
I am the American-born child of French parents and have lived my life happily in two beautiful cultures. I am also une femme d'un certain âge, which, loosely translated, means "You don't ask and I won't tell." But, I will tell. I'm over 60 and interested in living the rest of my life with as much style and grace as I can. And as an Image Consultant and Personal Style Coach specializing in "Ladies of a Certain Age," I love helping my clients do the same. 

After all, the unstylish and ungracious life is not worth living....at any age.

When not working with clients and taking care of my husband and an assortment of rescued cats, I spend most of my time at the opera.  While I do not share my husband's passion for golf, he more than shares mine for opera! 

On Saturdays, from autumn to spring, you can usually find us in the Grand Tier of the Metropolitan Opera in New York or..........anywhere in the world someone is doing Wagner's complete Ring des Niebelungen.   

To CONTACT me directly with questions and comments (or if you just want to say "Salut") click HERE.  I love hearing from you. 


  1. J'aime beaucoup ta façon d'écrire...short and sweet, straight to the point...

  2. Nice blog love it. You look great!


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