Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Miss Kiri Kat Comments on Coronavirus

No question about it.  We are living through difficult times on many levels; but our Miss Kiri Kat doesn’t quite see what all the fuss is about. 

I’ll let her explain it to you in her own words. 

“So what’s all this I keep hearing about a Coronavirus thingy?  Isn’t a virus like a “bug” that you catch?  I know how to deal with bugs when I catch them.  Been doing it for years.  I just pull off their legs (not tasty) and eat their bodies (quite tasty).  Result – one tasty treat and one dead bug.  Problem solved. 

"Mom and Dad keep talking about how difficult things are for everyone, but to be honest, the only change I’ve noticed around here is that Mom and Dad are home all the time now, which means more lap time, play time, treats, pets and attention.  And no more weekend trips to New York for the opera, which means they’re playing their music at home and now I get to enjoy it, too. 

"My daily routine hasn’t changed either.  I still sit on my fur throw in Dad’s armchair every morning and watch the birds. 

"Then it’s time for my après-breakfast, mid-morning nap. 

"And, of course, Mom is doing a lot more cooking so the house smells yummy all the time.  Household chores still get done, which means there’s always a laundry basket full of warm clothes from the dryer to curl up in. 

"Frankly, folks, from where I sit, things look pretty, darn good in Kiri Land.” 

I only wish Mom and Dad could say the same.  When the Met Opera season shut down, we lost four wonderful operas on our subscription. 

Der Fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) was the first casualty. 

Photo by Beth Bergman
 La Cenerentola (Cinderella) was the second. 

Photo by Ken Howard
Werther was the third, and

Tosca was the fourth. 

Of course, we have all had to deal with stores and businesses closing, hoarders swooping in and depleting shelves of necessary goods for the rest of us and social isolation on a massive scale.  Most people think of me as a social butterfly, but the truth is that I have a strong “hermit” streak in me and have always found periodic, self-imposed hibernation to be good for my soul.  It recharges my batteries and re-centers my thoughts.  That said, however, enforced isolation is beginning to get to me, too. 

I keep in touch with friends and have a four-story townhouse to rattle around in, so I am luckier than the New Yorker or Parisian sitting 24/7 in a tiny studio apartment staring at the same four walls day in and day out.  While I am getting a bit antsy to get out and about again, I do count my blessings, especially those unexpected ones from friends. 

A beautiful bouquet arrived from my friend Anna, which I put in a Met Opera wine cooler.  It sits on the credenza in my office and reminds me of all the natural and lyrical beauty just waiting to embrace me when this is all over.  


And then there was this wonderful little book dropped at my door on a dreary, rainy day by my friend Andréa, the owner of the chicissime Maison Marcellé Boutique (See In My Own Backyard – Maison Marcellé) in town.  She knew it was meant for me as soon as she saw it.  Along with The Story of a Hundred Operas by Félix Mendelssohn, originally published in 1913, she slipped a Gift Certificate into my goodie bag.  Of course the Boutique, along with just about everything else in town, is closed, but I will really need some retail therapy when this is over and I know just where to start. 

So, as I said, I count my blessings – an intrepid husband willing to brave lines at the supermarket and get up at the crack of dawn for the privilege of doing so, thoughtful friends and a blissfully clueless Miss Kiri Kat whose warbles and purrs bring joy to my heart. 

A Conversation Between Two Lonely Makeup Brushes

Blush Brush (“BB”):  “I just don’t get it.  We’ve been sitting here for months and months and she hasn’t even picked us up.  Look at us!!  All spiffy clean and we even put pretty ribbons around our necks -- still she ignores us.  What’s going on?” 

Powder Brush (“PB”):  “You Blush Brushes can be so hyperbolic sometimes.  Comes from all that colorful pigment you absorb, no doubt.  I don’t think it’s been months and months; it just seems that way.  I don’t know, but something’s wrong.  She hasn’t been going anywhere lately.” 

BB:  “I know.  No dinner parties, no restaurants, no operas, no weekends in New York.  I miss New York.  I always do an extra special job for her when we’re there so she can look her best.  I take pride in my work.  Of course, she’s been wearing her LeClerc coral lipstick every day.  I hate that lipstick!  She’s such a snob.  I don’t like even being in the same makeup case with her, not that she ever deigns to speak to me.” 

PB:  “What do you expect?  She’s French.  All those French lipsticks are the same.  Think they’re better than everyone else.”   

BB:  “I miss dipping my head in that beautiful peachy color she wears and rubbing it all over her soft cheeks.”  (sigh!)

PB:  “And I get to rub her whole face.  I miss that, too.”  (sigh!) 

BB:  “Do you think things will ever get back to normal?” 

PB:  “I certainly hope so.  I need to get back to work.” 


  1. Dearest Marie-Thérése,
    Yep, our kitties perceive things a lot less critical than we humans do and we all ought to learn from them!
    Love the brush story and also Kiri Kat's version of course.
    Just got back home from my treatment for basal-cell carcinoma on my décolleté... stitches will get removed on the 8th of April.
    Life goes on in many ways but it is unreal to see the hoarding habits of so many people...
    Sending you hugs,

  2. Miss Kiri Kat is very pretty, Marie-Thérèse. Happy to hear how well you are coping. No gifts from friends here, but all is well in my neighborhood. I have always loved my supermarket, a C-Town. In general it is well-stocked for people who really cook and bake, and everybody there is friendly and knows me. Now I have an even greater appreciation of them. They are working so hard to keep their food stocked for us. And New Yorkers are being lovely and patient. Sometimes what I go to buy is out, but I haven't had to go without. An example, I usually buy a 5 lb bag of unbleached all-purpose flour. So the self was bare, and this one time I had to settle for bleached all-purpose flour. With other products not on the shelf, I also found alternates. Plan B or plan C.

    I also met the daughter of the owners of the store. She works as a full-time accountant, but was helping the clerks stock the store during this very busy time. She is as lovely as the store managers and clerks they hire. I had a lovely chat with her, and she mentioned the supermarket was sometimes out of product now because their suppliers are limiting what they can order.

    It remains a bit unreal, but good to see the kindness, smiles and solidarity when passing people in my neighborhood. We are all doing our part. Stay well!

  3. I enjoyed hearing things from Miss Kiri Kat's clear and factual view! She is a wise Lady Cat it is easy to see. I thoroughly enjoyed your other guest authors as well, the Misses BB and PB. I feel sure they will come out of the shroud of malaise soon and that their work will be showcased at the Opera in good time as you venture out again.

  4. So sad that your operas have been cancelled. I know that you will miss them. I will be missing the rest of my symphony subscription. I actually have been using some makeup as I have been on Zoom or Facetime with friends and want to look at least somewhat presentable. Your kitty is probably loving all the extra attention these days!

  5. Sent to me by my friend Cathy:

    "This is so cute, thanks for sharing.

  6. Sent to me by my friend Anna:

    "It is good to be Kiri Kat. And being so beautiful helps too.
    Where did Marcelle find that book? Will be interesting reading about the opera stories written a long time ago. We only missed two operas at the Met but also had tickets to the HD Tosca performance. The AVA concert here is also canceled, it was a one time thing with several famous AVA graduates."

  7. Miss Kiri Kat is adorable. Our cat, M. Hugo has recently left us so we are now pet free - a strange state after a lifetime of having 4 legged members of the family. Hopefully the challenges we all face due to covid 19 will lessen quickly. Stay safe and keep smiling. xxx

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  10. Hope all is well with Kitty-cat and her people family. Sending you warm good wishes and hugs!


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