Sunday, October 27, 2019

What I Do on a Rainy Day

Woke up this morning to a dreary, rainy Sunday -- perfect for puttering.  Since Dan couldn’t play golf, he went downstairs to watch others do so on TV. 

And since this is Halloween week, Miss Kiri Kat decided to spend the morning putting together Trick or Treat bags for us, not to be opened until the day of.  We promised.   The less-industrious me decided to indulge in a typical, lazy Sunday morning ritual à la française.  We call it faire grasse matinée.  Nobody does nothing better than the French, and I love luxuriating in that particular Gallic tradition. 

I got up late and had coffee with Kiri in the flesh (well…fur) and in the cup. 

A few months ago, I got this wonderful comment from an Anonymous reader on my Post “Figuring Out the Consumer.”  This reader had been quite taken with one of the pictures of Miss Kiri Kat. 

“The last photo of Miss Kiri Kat is the most perfect cat photo ever.  Her coloring, especially at the pale pink ears and nose, perfectly complements your bedding.  The pillow's motto is quintessentially cat. The composition of curves and straight lines is worthy of an oil painting. I wish you would print the image on a mug or something. I would buy several! …” 

The more I thought about it, the more I thought, “What a great idea!”  So I did a little research, found, Zazzle, uploaded three of my favorite Kiri Kat pictures, including the one Anonymous fell in love with, and voilà!! Miss Kiri Kat is now immortalized on a mug. 

The pictures don’t really do it justice -- Zazzle did a beautiful job!  I was able to place the pictures exactly where I wanted them and the colors are just as they appear in the photos I uploaded.  Zazzle will personalize just about anything for you.  Don’t look now, but the holidays are hard upon us and I can’t think of a better Christmas gift for friends and family than a personalized picture on a tee shirt, mug, plate, etc. 

I’ve already given Kiri Kat mugs to my friend Anna, who is one of Kiri’s biggest fans, and my friend Earline, who gave me that great pillow that Kiri is cuddling up to in the picture.  So now the three of us have coffee with Kiri every morning. 

After breakfast, I had a long, lazy soak in a bubble bath and put on my old favorite, over-sized, Talbots sweater, complete with decorative white Kiri hairs. 


I don’t know about you, but I am always slightly suspicious of people who don’t have cat or dog hair on their clothes.  It just seems unnatural to me; but maybe that’s just me. 

Time to curl up with a good book.  I’m currently re-reading a book on the life and times of Maurice Chevalier.  It’s a fascinating account of a very complicated man, not at all the gay (once-upon-a-time meaning) boulevardier we all thought we knew and loved. 

Soon it will be time to start working on dinner.  Tonight’s main course, a French comfort food dish from Normandy perfect for a rainy day, will be hot sausage and apples in a Pommeau sauce.  I love spending rainy afternoons in the kitchen cooking. 

Fall is apple season and apples are one of the staples of the Norman diet.  They eat them in main courses and desserts (Tarte Tatin) and drink them in Calvados, Cidre  (hard cider) and Pommeau.  This dish can be made with Calvados, but I prefer to use Pommeau. 

Pommeau is a blend of ¼ Calvados and ¾ cider-apple juice mixed before fermentation and aged in oak casks.  The result is a lighter, fruitier flavor.  It’s also delicious served chilled in cordial glasses either as an apéritif or pousse-café (after dinner drink).  I always have it on hand. 

Well, that’s my recipe for a rainy day.  What’s yours? 


  1. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    WOW, that was a perfect rainy day recipe.
    Well, even without raining today, I've also spent the Sunday morning ritual à la française... Being in the mountains in a cabin, I slept in; that is 12 hours in bed!!! My reward for driving up to East Tennessee in the rain on Friday. Well, five of the total 7 hours in heavy rain after the first 2 glorious hours with good weather and smooth traffic.
    But the wedding yesterday was perfect; NO rain!
    Kiri Kat is such a beauty and your mugs turned out perfect!
    We only once had mugs with our first cat-girl on them, a gift from our German 'son' and daughter-in-law. Very sweet and it was well received and enjoyed for years.
    Big hugs,

  2. Marie-Thérèse, my earlier comment was lost I just noticed. Those of us who use Safari can't stay signed into Blogger after their last update. Often Apple device users use Safari as our browser -- but one must be vigilant to notice one's comment doesn't publish as you get no warning or notice. Anywho ... lovely way to spend the time when it rains. I've like to try your refreshing drink too!

  3. "...I am always slightly suspicious of people who don’t have cat or dog hair on their clothes. It just seems unnatural to me..."

    Agreed, Marie-Thérèse!

    I'm glad you took my suggestion to put the beautiful Miss Kiri Kat's image on a mug. You improved on the idea by adding two more pictures! Well done.

    If you ever make Kiri Kat mugs available to her fans in cyberspace, I'll be there!

    I'll have to try Pommeau. It might hit the spot when I crave a fruity alcoholic beverage that is less sweet than dessert wine. How sweet is it?

    1. I filed your suggestion away, as I do all good ideas, for future reference, mulled it over and decided it was the perfect way to reward those of my friends who have become founding members of the Miss Kiri Kat Fan Club.

      If I can figure out how to do it, I will definitely make the Kiri Kat mug available to her fans in cyberspace -- food for future research. After all, everyone should start his/her day w/coffee w/Kiri.

      Pommeau is actually not that sweet. It has the tartness of an apple. I would say it is somewhere between tart and sweet. A rather singular taste. I love it and suspect you will, too. It's not easy to find in the US (not sure where you are located) but worth the effort.

      So lovely to hear from you and am grateful to you for the inspiration for the mug. You made a lot of people happy who have received them.

      Cheers, M-T


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