Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Figuring Out the Consumer

The inscrutability of the species Felis catus has been well known since the first ancient Egyptian brought home a tiny ball of fur (“Honey, look what I’ve got?”) and learned that he had to do a bit of work to create the perfect relationship with this tiny ball of fur that suddenly became a cat.  

Those of us who own cats know that figuring out what they want is endlessly fascinating and rewarding and well worth the effort. 

There's Nothing Better Than a Laundry Basket Full of Clothes Right Out of the Dryer
Photo © Marie-Thérèse Norris
Take my Miss Kiri Kat, for example.  About a month ago, she started pushing her water bowl around, dipping her paw in it, shaking the wet paw and looking up at me with that “What part of this don’t you get?” look.  For days I didn’t get it, and then I suddenly did. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

My Summer Highlights - Part 1

We’re just about halfway through the month of August, which means I’m halfway to my next birthday.  August has always been my midway mark.  After August 6th, I would no longer tell everyone that I was “seven years old.”  Now, I could honestly say I was “seven-and-a-half years old.”  It sounded much more grown up and, of course, growing up was what every kid wanted to do in those days.  Do kids today still look forward to growing up?  I’m not so sure anymore.  

In any case, people are less likely to ask my age these days and I keep that extra “half” to myself. 

Anyway, summer is almost over.  Soon mom and dad will be back to work and kids will be back to school writing compositions on “What I Did on Summer Vacation.”  Now that my husband is retired, we are pretty much always on vacation.  It’s quite wonderful.  Still, there were some summer highlights I’d love to share, in no particular order of importance.  I’ll leave that to you to decide.