Thursday, August 9, 2018

Feeling Fall in the Dog Days of Summer

For most of the summer (seems-like-forever!!) the thermometer has rarely dipped below 90 degrees F during the day.  The frequent, heavy rain storms have produced only a steamy sauna.  This must be what it feels like to live in the rain forest.  BTW, there is a difference between a “rain forest” and a “jungle,” despite the fact that the Language Police has pretty much replaced the word “jungle” with the more politically correct words “rain forest” for reasons that escape me.  They are NOT interchangeable.  According to the dictionary, a rain forest is a jungle “with consistently heavy rainfall.” 

Besides which, they evoke different images.  When’s the last time you heard someone describe the corporate world as “Man, it’s a rain forest out there!!”?  Somehow, the words “rain forest” do not have quite the same cut-throat cachet as “jungle.” 

But if you live in my neck of the woods, whether you refer to it as a jungle or a rain forest, Baby, it’s HOT out there. 

Kitty Licking Popsicle
Sure, it tastes good now, but wait ‘til that brain freeze sets in. 

Cool Cat
It’s not easy to be a really “cool cat” when it’s this hot, but I’m doing my best to think fall -- crisp, cool weather and bright, spicy colors. 

These are the “official” Pantone Colors for fall 2018, and just looking at them makes my internal thermostat drop a few degrees.  It’s probably entirely psychosomatic, but who cares?  It works.  Fall is my favorite season, and its colors suit me to perfection.  I can’t wait for it to get here!  I also can’t wait to switch out my closets.  My bedroom closet, a small walk-in, can only accommodate either my spring/summer wardrobe or my fall/winter wardrobe.  But I actually enjoy the ritual of switching out my closets twice a year.  It gives me a chance to go over everything and decide whether or not it stays or goes and whether or not it still fits. 

Let’s face it, Ladies, at my age, even though I have maintained my weight within a pound or two for many decades, things have started to…… do I put this delicately?.........shift a bit. 

You know the drill!  You haven’t worn it since last year.  Does it still fit? 

Do I look fat in this?

You’ve got a hot date with that cute new Tom in the neighborhood.


You find something 'festive' to slip into.






Hmm.  Seems a tad small, but you're SURE it’s your size. 

When was the last time you wore it?

Oh, yes, when your youngest brought home his first big, juicy mouse. You were so proud!


O.K…..let’s try another approach.  Maybe that’ll work.

Nope, no good.




O.K…..let’s try another angle.

Maybe it’s the mirror.  They always add 10 pounds

.......or is that the camera?


O.K……let’s look at this from another perspective. 

O.K……so it’s a little tight.

What’s that?  Try a larger size?  Just a suggestion? 

How 'bout I suggest something in your shoe!


O.K………..   Deep Breath!  I’m IN! 

O.K..….. tell me the truth.

Do I look fat in this?


So, who died and made you Anna Wintour?

Unfortunately, I could not find the source for these delightful photos, but whoever you are, thank you.  The captions, of course, are mine.  


  1. I enjoy seeing the cat stretched out on the deck chair. I LOVE the story of the ladycat trying to find a fit! I think that may be ME! Who had a camera?? I have not maintained my youthful contours by any means and I will say I sympathize with Ms Catt there as she reacted to the practical suggestion that she try a larger size! Say WHAT!? Depart from me Madam!

    1. Dear Katie Isabella, I should have captioned the photo of the stretched-out cat on the deck chair, "Have the pool boy bring my Margarita when I'm finished my nap."

      Love your last comment -- "Depart from me Madam!" Reminds me of the Bible quote "Get thee behind me Satan." Does my behind look fat?

      Always enjoy we you stop by to comment.

      Cheers, M-T

  2. Comment sent to me by my friend Anna:

    "Your blog is the cutest. Love all the pictures. And I know how that chubby cat feels in the little box!!! I like the fall season too. I prefer fall and winter clothes to summer ones, and then of course in the fall we can look forward to the opera season!!"

  3. Comment sent to me by my friend Cathy:

    "I would love to be that cat right now!!! Thanks M-T for sharing with us!!"

  4. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    You really managed to steal some cute and hilarious cat photos!
    Love the first one especially and we all can learn from our kitties.

    1. Dearest Mariette,

      I so agree. I've learned a lot from my kitties over the years -- when to wait, when to pounce and when to just relax and let go of all those nonessentials that preoccupy the human mind.

      Gros bisous,


  5. Here in Manhattan we’ve been lucky with weather, only an isolated rain storm here and there and not all that hot, perhaps one day of 90 degrees F, then back down. It seems like past summers have been hotter.

    Cute kitties! I love the future fall colors. Still bright and pretty.

    1. Lucky you, Debra. I think this is the worst summer weather-wise in south Jersey that I can remember. My allergies have really been going crazy. Usually by this time things have calmed down, but nooooooooo.

      I do love the fall color palette this year. It manages to retain the brightness of summer while adding the richness of fall. Lovely.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Cheers, M-T


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