Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Little White Tee and Thee

It's time to revisit an oldie, but goody.  The Post My Little White Tee originally appeared two years ago, but, with spring in full flower and summer beginning to bud, it's the perfect time to take another look at one of the hardest working wardrobe basics in your closet.  

White House Black Market

Among the hardest working pieces in a woman’s wardrobe, along with the perfect pair of jeans and the perfect LBD, is the perfect LWT – Little White Tee – especially in summer, when it becomes her favorite go-to piece. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Art of the Scam

Donald Trump may know a thing or two about The Art of the Deal, but the art of the scam has been around since man first realized he could get rid of something he didn’t want or that was worthless by tricking another man into taking it. 

The Beautiful Rachel
In the Book of Genesis (first book of the Hebrew Bible/Christian Old Testament), Laban tricks young Jacob into marrying the wrong sister.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Skirts and French Apologies

I’ve been on a little spring break since Easter.  Not the kind of spring break where you get drunk on cheap wine and run around naked on the beach with people you wouldn’t be caught dead with fully dressed and sober.  That’s for students who have many more springs ahead of them that they can afford to waste. 

No, at my age, each sip of spring is precious, and I can’t afford to waste a drop.  Wait…..did I just say “at my age?”  OMG, I swore I would never say that, and I’ve been saying it more and more lately.  Yikes!

O.K., this is NOT where I was headed with this.  I wanted to talk about spring skirts – I’ll get to that.