Monday, February 15, 2016

Frozen Falls and Steaming Anvils

O.K., so how cold was it in New York this weekend?  Does this answer your question?

Niagara Falls Frozen REUTERS Lindsay DeDario

This is Niagara Falls NOT falling, but frozen stiff like a Good Humor popsicle. 

Of course, good humor is a hallmark of the intrepid tourist. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Birthday Chronicles

Well, Dear Readers, I had every intention of catching you up on what’s been happening over the last few weeks (the Blizzard, the Great Baguette Battle in New York, etc.), which I promise to do soon, but, on Friday, a brief encounter with a young woman turned a very good day into something special.  So, I just had to share.  But first, a little background.

Saturday was my birthday, and since February is the shortest month (Please, no jokes about my 5’1” height, s’il vous plaît.), I like to celebrate the entire month.  I think it’s only fair, don’t you?