Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Opening Night at the Met Opera - 2015

It’s been many years since my last Opening Night, but I do remember how exciting they were – the Opera house at her most elegant, crystal chandeliers sparkling like diamonds, the fragrance of red roses and perfume even more intoxicating than the champagne that flowed freely. 

You couldn’t move without rubbing shoulders with the glitterati -- Jackie “O,” a true patroness of the arts, and her sister, Princess Lee Radziwill, movie stars, Broadway actors, TV personalities, politicians and anyone with even the slightest connection to New York’s beau monde were there.  It was all very heady stuff. 

Then as now, Opening Night is less about opera and more about those who want to be seen and what they choose to be seen in.  Think of it as opera’s annual Red Carpet event. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Interview with a Renaissance Lady – Linda LaRoche (Part 1)

My dear Readers, you are in for a special treat, today.  I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant writer and accomplished woman.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know Linda LaRoche through her wonderful Blog Do Write.”  To read it is not only to be inspired, but to get a mini-lesson on how to put together a beautifully crafted sentence, which, in an age of the trite (Twitter anyone?) sound bite is rare indeed.    


But, as you’ll soon learn, Linda LaRoche is much more than just her words on a page.  Although Linda is a very private person, a quality which I admire, she has graciously agreed to sit down with me for a little cyberchat. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Le Look Goes from Summer to Fall

Friday morning I got my husband off on his annual fall golf trip to the Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania.  

Split Rock Lodge Golf Course

The house seems so quiet as I pad around in my slippers, while Cecilia and Allegra tip toe about on dainty cat paws.  It’ll be just us dainty, little girls, at least for a few more days. 

Leaves are already beginning to gather on my patio – bright gold and russet.   I have a feeling this will be a colorful fall. 

It’s time to get serious and get back to work.