Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Bright Makes Summer Cool

Labor Day (September 1st) is three weeks away, which means only three more weeks of lazy summer days, long cool drinks and bumper-to-bumper shore traffic.  My advice is to see summer out in a blaze of bright, sunny colors. 

This fun cotton beach bag from Manoush will look oh-so cute on your beach blanket, and it’s large enough to hold just about everything you need………..including………….

These jeweled sunglasses from Freda Banana guaranteed to get you noticed.  One look at the mysterious lady in these glasses, and the paparazzi will be clicking away.   

And as you stroll casually past the clicking cameras in your bright OAS espadrilles decorated with pineapple flowers, you give them a little smile……and……

A wave of a hand whose wrist is encircled with a bright Lacet Parisien in pistachio from Ursul.  The Lacet Parisien is one of this summer’s hottest accessories, and this one in cool cotton can be worn even in the water. 

Summer evenings out call for something bright and easy, breezy. 

This multi-colored maxi dress from Felicity & Coco (available at Nordstrom) is even more striking in person.  It encompasses all the vivid summer colors from tropical sun to cool waters. 

You will move with grace and elegance in this cool blue, high/low maxi dress, also from Felicity & Coco (available at Nordstrom).    This dress is made to dance the night away.  And…’s currently on sale!!  Check it out. 

So, wave goodbye to summer wearing her most beautiful colors – a very fitting au revoir.


  1. love all your selections.

  2. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    Wow, you scared me a bit with the word Labor Day... My, are we speeding through 2014! Today I was for one hour on the balcony and had tea but I had to take a shower because it is so hot and humid. The pleasant September days are what we are looking forward to.
    Sending you hugs and cool thoughts.

    1. Sooo cute! Labor Day-phobia. 2014 is indeed hurtling by. I can just picture you sitting on your balcony w/a cuppa. Let's hope September and October are just as pleasant as July and August have been.

      Big hugs and cool thoughts right back at you, ma chère amie,

  3. Where has the summer gone?? Here in California we are just heading into our hottest months. September and October can be easily be in the 100's! Wonderful, colorful choices!! I think that's a very clever bracelet. Maxi dresses are a bug summer staple in my wardrobe. Talk to you soon my friend!
    xo ~J

    1. Gosh, everyone is asking the same ? Where has summer gone? The "lacet parisien" comes in many different materials, including leather for autumn, and neutral colors. Isn't it fun? Maxi dresses are soooo lovely and soooo forgiving, provided they give some hint of the womanly body underneath. Otherwise, we're into moumou territory. To be avoided at all costs.

      xoxo, M-T

  4. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    Just a big hug for the 17th of August, yes that was yesterday but today I came across my message...
    Love to you,

    PS it is sweltering hot and we NEED rain now... will be three days with 100°F this week.


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