Thursday, April 4, 2013

The “It” Color and Scent for Spring

The Color Gods at Pantone have declared emerald green to be the “It” color for spring.

I have mixed feelings about this choice. There’s no question that we redheads look smashing in green, to the point where it has become a bit of a color cliché, but it has to be the right shade of green.

Look closely at an emerald and you will see its signature blue tones. Emerald green is a jewel-toned color that comes from the cooler, winter side of the color palette, not summer.

As a redhead with warm, ivory-toned skin, emerald green just drains the color and life from my face.

So, how will I gain admittance to the Emerald City of fashion this spring without actually wearing emerald green? 

I’ll just slip into something slinky in a warm shade of green, such as turquoise emerald or teal, add a dab of this spring’s “It” perfume, Jour d’Hermès, behind my ears, and the Emerald City gates will surely be flung wide open to me. 

Well……at least, that’s the plan. 

Jour d’Hermès is my new coup de cœur, and I have fallen hopelessly, madly and completely under its spell. 
The scent is earthy, yet ethereal; floral, yet spicy; and it smells like spring. 
And then there’s the sensual pleasure of holding that gorgeous flacon.  Surprisingly heavy in your hands, you literally look through the glass at the name of the perfume inscribed on the back, as if looking into an enchanted land. 

Jour d’Hermès has proudly taken its place on my perfume tray next to my Waterford cat and in the distinguished company of Calèche, Kelly Calèche, Eau d’orange verte, Eau d’Hermès and Un Jardin Après la Mousson. 
In Downloading Happiness, I shared with you my recipe for Happiness.  Among other ingredients, I advised adding a scent that brings back beautiful memories. 
Add a little Jour d’Hermès to your life.  Like spring, it holds the promise of beautiful memories to come. 


  1. Having green eyes green is one of my favourite colours. I shall be looking for a slightly toned down version of emerald this season.

    1. I have red hair and green eyes (like you), and when my husband met me he didn't know whether he should STOP or GO. I'm glad he decided to GO for it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Josephine. Always love your comments and your Blog. M-T


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