Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Well-Dressed Coffee Table and 75 Parisiennes

Do you remember the well-dressed coffee table? I do.

The well-dressed coffee table was always adorned with a stack of big, beautiful books that, once opened, spilled over your lap as you turned from page to page delighting in one gorgeous, glossy image after another.

Coffee table books are a silent testament to the interests and aspirations of the owner of the coffee table.

Today, you have an entire library available to you at the touch of a button and displayed on a screen that fits in the palm of your hand. How long will it be before the feel, the smell and the weight of beautiful, leather-bound books become part of les plaisirs démodés (old-fashioned pleasures)?

If, like me, you are a dévotée of the well-dressed coffee table, here’s a little something that might add just the right French Touch to your coffee table this Christmas.


The work of renowned portrait photographer Baudoin has graced the pages of many a glossy fashion magazine.

But in his new book, 75 Parisiennes, he pays homage to the women of Paris in a series of offbeat and inspired photographs.

The photographer as silent observer allows each woman to speak for herself without saying a word.

From an array of over 300 photos shot in 6x6 square format with his Hasselblad camera, he chose 75 to represent each of the 75 départements of the City of Lights.

Identified by first name only, each photograph is a snapshot of the Parisienne in her natural habitat surrounded by the things she loves.

And speaking of things to love…..wouldn’t you just kill to have that view?

Not all of the 75 parisiennes are actually parisiennes d’origine. Some are transplanted from other regions and other countries.

But, all are parisiennes de cœur, which means that they are Parisian by choice and conviction.

And like so much of what makes life worth living at any age, it’s all in the attitude

Time to sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a big, beautiful book. 
For great DIY ideas on creating your very own, inexpensive coffee tables, click HERE for some inspiration. 


  1. Gorgeous book. What beautiful photographs.

    1. Aren't they just fabulous? Naturally, I am thrilled that he thought fit to honor those of us "d'un certain âge, n'est-ce pas?"

      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful holiday.

  2. This looks like a winner, M-T. Might have to add it to my Christmas list... Wish my coffee table was a little bit more organized these days. Hard to do with a 12-year old in the house... I still manage to preserve my Chanel book collection on the small table in the foyer! (said 12-year old knows he can't mess with Coco!) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. The wonderful (and sad) thing about 12-year-olds is that they do, indeed, grow up.

      Enjoy your handsome little boy now and your beautifully organized coffee table later.........at least until the grandchildren show up.

      Bizzzzz, M-T

    2. Grand-children??? Good Lord, M-T. I need time to enjoy "my third chapter" before any grand-child shows up!!! :-)

    3. Ne t'en fais pas ma vieille.....plenty of time to enjoy your third chapter before some little person calls you Mamie.

      Besides, I have to dance at your son's wedding first!

      xoxo, M-T

      P.S.: A très bientôt, j'espère ??

    4. Vous me faites vraiment rire, mes chères copines.... Moi j'ai déjà choisi: je serai une grand-mère indigne! Et heureuse de l'être!
      Rendez-vous quand nous aurons 80 ans pour nous "éclater"!?

  3. Coucou ma chère M-T,
    You are so right about the magic of beautiful books on a coffee table: books we like to look at and enjoy once in a while and that we keep like precious treasures. Not sure at the young generation knows this feeling :-(
    The idea of 75 Parisians is really great! And you can tell there is humor in all these portraits. A perfect Christmas gift for book and photography lovers.
    Thanks for the idea :-) You always have great ideas!
    Double dose de bisous pour Noël,
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)

  4. My coffee table is still dressed with large beautiful books of which I never tire. I love to curl up on the leather couch early in the morning while the household is still asleep, with one of these books on my lay and a cup of tea in hand. These books always give me pleasure and inspiration. 75 Parisiennes could very easily join the eclectic collection on my coffee table . Joyeux Noel.

    1. I can just picture you in your comfy chair, a cup of tea in one hand and a beautiful book on your lap.

      Delighted to suggest an addition to your collection. Let me know if it joins a no doubt already distinguished group.

      Joyeux Noel à vous aussi.

  5. LOVE this last SHOT!
    Love books too........yes I agree I think they will be gone in our lifetime meaning not many will BUY the hardbacks!
    heather & jennifer sent me.........fun to see what others chat about!

    1. I DO love my hard bound books. I inherited so many from Mme Mère when she passed, many of which came from grandparents and great-grandparents. They take up a great deal of room, but I cherish them all. I don't feel comfortable in a home w/no books. Don't you agree?

      Delighted you stopped by. Stop by any time.

      Cheers, M-T


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