Wednesday, October 31, 2012

L'Affaire Sandy

To those of you who sent your good wishes for my safety during Sandy, one of the worst hurricanes in my memory, I’d like to express my deep gratitude for your concern.

I am happy to report that the M-T household survived completely unscathed. We did spend three days without electricity, heat and running water, but as of 10 minutes ago, electricity has been restored and, although a bit exhausted from having to play 19th Century Pioneer Woman, I am delighted to be a 21st Century Blogger Babe once again.

During those dark hours, as I soldiered on wrapped in several layers of clothes trying to keep warm, my thoughts naturally turned to Item No. 3 on my “List of Wardrobe Basics” for the well-dressed Pioneer woman. Yes, I know, I know, even under the most trying of circumstances the Fashionista in me is never very far from the surface.

And so, I leave you with a few tempting tidbits for Item No. 3 -- The Tweed Jacket -- to whet your appetite while I recharge my blogger batteries in a lavender-scented bubble bath.

 I hope you enjoy my selections….

The Classic Tweed Jacket for Fall


Vivienne westwood

RED Valentino tweed jacket
$730 -

Rebecca taylor

Armani Jeans tweed jacket
$365 -

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Short and Chic – In Praise of the Pixie

Summer is a wonderful time for flowy fabrics and long, sun-kissed hair; but, romantic summer afternoons have turned to cool autumn evenings.  Time for a sleeker, more sophisticated silhouette, and, perhaps, you should start with your hair. 

How about something short and chic?  When I think of something short and chic, I think of the classic pixie.  And when I think of the classic pixie, I think of the tiny French woman who wore it to perfection --  Zizi Jeanmaire. 


Zizi Jeanmaire (née Renée Marcelle Jeanmaire) was born in Paris in 1924. 

The collaboration between Zizi and her renowned choreographer husband, Roland Petit, would take the ballet world by storm with the world premier of the ballet “Carmen” in London in 1949. 

Zizi came to Hollywood in the 1950s and made frequent appearances on television. 

American men fell in love with her accent and American women went mad for her chic little Do.  The pixie cut became the last word in chic. 

Think the day of the pixie cut has come and gone?  Think again.  Like every great classic, it never really goes away; it just reinvents itself. 

Jenna Elfman
This modern version of the classic pixie is oh-so-sleek and oh-so-edgy with its short, choppy sides, longer front and full, side-swept bangs. 
You don’t need to be a 20-something to pull off this cut. 
All you need are classic features, flawless skin and a come-hither smile to make the most of this Gamine Do. 

Emma Watson
This classic pixie has longer sides, shorter side-swept bangs and a bit of volume at the crown. 
It’s a more feminine cut which draws attention to the eyes framed by a strong eyebrow. 
There’s something utterly sweet and innocent about this cut, but with a dash of pixie dust that promises a night of magic.  

Michelle Williams
Oh, and just so you know, the pixie can be dressed up for a night out on the town. 
Look at this great headband in embellished velvet.  Is that not adorable? 

And BTW, this is the perfect pixie face – almond eyes, great cheekbones and full, sensuous lips. 

No pixie dust needed here. 

Elizabeth Moss
Here we have an asymmetrical pixie (longer on one side) with a side-swept bang. 

A little volume at the crown creates the perfect balance. 

Again, we have a lovely young woman with great skin and perfectly arched eyebrows framing her beautiful blue eyes. 

The shorter the Do, the more we focus on the face.  Make the most of it.

Evan Rachel Wood
Now, we come to my absolute favorite pixie.  It’s positively chicissime. 

Here, the hair is a bit longer on top, but still very short and ultra sleek, almost severe. 

There’s no hiding anything with this cut.  Everything is exposed. 

What gives the architecture of this cut interest is the lift at the crown and the strong, yet subtle, use of blonde streaks. 

To highlight her perfectly proportioned face, she has done a strong eye and eyebrow and added a bright color to her lips.  The overall effect is strong and sexy. 

Have I succeeded in convincing you about the pixie?  Well, for those of you who remain unconvinced or who are feeling just a bit too timid to give it a go, I may have something more to your taste……… time………….the Bob.  Stay tuned. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's In the Bag for Fall

Now is the perfect time to add a new handbag to your collection in one of this season's most gorgeous colors.  

Need a little inspiration?  Oooooh, I'm so glad you asked....

It's In the Bag for Fall

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You’re Never Too Old to Baby Your Face

Our baby skin was fragile, easily irritated and needed special care.

So, mothers chose skin care products specifically created to gently cleanse and protect our delicate skin.

As teenagers, we examined every square inch of our faces each morning for that budding break out that would wreak havoc on our social lives.

Yikes! Where’s my zit zapper (i.e., Clearasil)?

As we approached our thirties, we thought we were home free. And most of us were……….for a while.

But then, in our forties, those morning examinations in the bathroom mirror took on a new and terrifying dimension.

Yikes! What’s that? Is that a line? Oh, no….Doubles Yikes!!…….. Is that a wrinkle?

So, in our forties, we bought our first miracle creams and started giving ourselves facials using homemade remedies recommended by our mothers or touted in the beauty pages of the “Ladies Home Journal” and “Cosmopolitan” as the (just-between-us-girls) beauty secrets of our favorite movie stars.

Well, heck, if this was what kept those perfect, peaches-and-cream complexions in the pink, surely it would do the same for us, n’est-ce pas?

Then, we hit our fifties and the cucumber eye patch just didn’t cut it anymore. We had a decision to make.

Did we bring in the “Big Guns” (Botox, fillers, plumpers, smoothers, nips and tucks) or just let nature take its course?

I made the decision not to bring in the “Big Guns,” but I still wanted to take the best care of my skin that I could, in a natural, non-invasive way.

As we age, our skin gets thinner and more fragile, which means that for those of us with fair complexions, our skin becomes even more delicate and easily irritated.

In my forties, I had my first and last facial done by an esthetician who came highly recommended. It took weeks for my skin to recover.

By my fifties, I decided it was time to go back to basics – baby basics.

If it worked for me then, why wouldn’t it work for me now?

I started washing my face with Aveeno Baby “Soothing Relief Creamy Wash” and found it worked even better than my expensive cleansing cream at taking off my makeup, and the colloidal oatmeal it contained was very soothing.

I had already been using Aveeno’s daily moisture lotion, also containing colloidal oatmeal, and I continue to do so.

For years, I had been trying various sunscreens and, regardless of price, everything felt heavy and greasy and irritated my skin.

Then, I remembered my mother’s favorite remedy for winter rashes – zinc oxide cream – which was the main ingredient in the Desitin Ointment she used for diaper rash.

Zinc oxide is also a broad spectrum sunscreen. Remember those summer lifeguards with the white gunk on their noses?

Aveeno Baby makes a diaper rash cream whose main ingredient is zinc. Like Desitin Ointment, it looks white in the tube but is lighter and leaves no white residue. It has now become my go-to sunscreen. After smoothing on a thin layer, I add my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (SPF20) on top, powder to set, and I’m good to go.

This February, I turned 60 and, yes, Ladies, I admit it………….I refused to even acknowledge it, much less celebrate it.

Two months ago, however, my girlfriends finally succeeded in dragging me out to celebrate over High Tea and champagne at the Four Seasons. With a glass of champagne in one hand and the other hand free to take on the world, I think I’m now ready to face my sixties.

I have no idea what this new decade has in store for me, but I do know one thing for sure -- this senior citizen will be buying her beauty products in the Baby aisle.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fresh Produce and Random Acts of Culture

When my parents emigrated from France with their three-year-old toddler in tow (moi, to be precise), they settled in the "City of Brotherly Love." 
It didn’t take my father long to discover an epicure’s delight -- Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. 

Built in 1829 as an enclosed public market, the Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia houses over 100 merchants selling everything you could possibly want or need…… 

From fresh produce, meat, fish, ice cream, flowers and baked goods to crafts, books, clothing, and specialty and ethnic foods, the Market has it all.  
Every square inch is occupied by merchants, many of whom are Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch, who make the daily trip from their farms in Lancaster County to Philadelphia, often in horse and buggy. 

And, should you start to feel a bit foot sore and peckish as you wander about, there is always an accommodating stool within easy reach at any number of counters ready to serve you everything from a tantalizing snack to a delicious dinner. 
And, if you’re really, really, lucky, while you’re sitting at that counter, something wonderful might just happen ----- something like this………….

Friday, October 5, 2012

Urban Chic - Let's Walk and Talk

Walk into fall in these fabulous flats. These shoes were made for walkin'.

Urban Chic - Let's Walk and Talk

Matiko blue shoes

Banana Republic leopard print flat

Black shoes

Flat shoes
$19 -

Slip on shoes

Ann Taylor retro shoes

Ballerina shoes

Charlotte Russe metallic shoes

Madewell ballet shoes

American Apparel flat shoes