Sunday, November 14, 2010

Closet Therapy for Florence – Florence Learns about her Body

In my previous piece, I introduced you to Florence and her schizophrenic closet (See: "Closet Therapy for Florence"), and we saw how, with a little guidance from me, Florence was able to channel her inner Fifi and find her own style. Now when you open Florence’s closet instead of seeing “The Three Faces of Eve,” you see Florence, a woman whose daytime style is casual chic and sporty and whose nighttime style is classic and elegant. So, how did we get there? Well, here’s a little behind the scenes look at how Florence found her style.

The first order of business was to make Florence an expert on her own body. Like most women, when Florence looked in the mirror, all she saw were the bits she didn’t like. Before she could update her wardrobe, she needed to update her perspective.

To do that, we started by deconstructing and evaluating each part of her body from top to bottom. Then we put it all back together. Florence began to see how each part worked together to create the whole, and she started to appreciate that whole – her own unique proportions.

For the first time in a long time, perhaps ever, Florence looked in the mirror and saw the whole woman. Through the prism of this new perspective she could clearly see what did and did not work for her body type and why.

Florence’s body was rather boyish when she was young. Age and children have taken her body from rectangular to tubular. Like many of my clients, she does not have a defined waist, which gives her two very good options.

Option 1: Florence can let her clothes create a waistline for her. This Bill Blass blouse with ruffles above and below the nipped-in waist will give the illusion of a tiny waist on any woman, and the ruffles gives a feminine flair to even the most boyish figure.

Since Florence is small busted, the ruffles down the front of the blouse are very figure flattering.

Jackets structured along the same lines will also go a long way to creating feminine curves for Florence.

The waistline on this adorable little cocktail dress hits Florence right under her bust line, which is very flattering for women with Florence’s body type; plus+ a higher waistline makes your legs look longer.

The detail of the diagonal bow cutting across the front minimizes any tummy issues while simultaneously enhancing Florence’s small bust line.

Florence has nice shoulders, firm upper arms and a lovely long neck, all of which are showcased in this strapless dress.

Option 2: Florence can bypass the whole waist issue by wearing a tunic top with skinny jeans or leggings.

This vintage-inspired, pleated top in silk is available at Nordstrom.

You don’t need a tiny little waist to look feminine in this graceful and flowy top.

Because Florence is tall, she can carry off this bold print beautifully. And those lovely bell sleeves just cry out for this season’s hot accessory – big, bold cocktail rings.

An unstructured swing coat with big collar and cuffs in a great neutral color, such as this Shawl coat from Barney’s, is perfect for Florence.

This versatile, understated statement coat can be worn over almost anything in Florence’s wardrobe from skinny jeans (add a fringed, cotton scarf) to a dressy day dress (add a large Hermès square).

This is a go anywhere do anything coat that is also a great signature piece for Florence’s wardrobe.

The next step in Florence’s transformation was to find her perfect color palette.  Click here.


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  3. hi how are you?=) this post is interesting, i don't know if i need to study my figure before i throw clothes on me..but i guess, its some how important...


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