Monday, June 5, 2017

Linda's Book Launch

If you are in the Sierra Madre area of California this Saturday, the 10th, don’t miss a very special event at the local Sierra Madre Library.

At 2:00 pm, my brilliantly talented blogger friend and writer extraordinaire, Linda LaRoche, will discuss and sign her new novel, Dust Unto Shadow. 

Dust Unto Shadow

In 1930, a family leaves Northern California and meets with disapproval when they return to their homeland; an economically devastated Mexican village. During their transition, the eldest daughter decides how she can save them from a dark fate. They collide with their neighbors over survival, malice, and violence.

Since we live at opposite ends of the country, sadly, I won’t be there to share this wonderful moment with her, but Linda was kind of enough to share a bit of back story on her book with us.

Linda:  The book is a tribute to my mother. The premise is NF with some fictional elements added for flavor. It came as a result of the stories she told me as she was approaching her twilight years.  Not to recall sadness or tragedy but to bring light to the fact that she kept living for love and for hope.  As a result of her determination... I am here.  I made it into a mother-daughter narrative between her and her mother.”

Regular readers of my blog may recall a series of interviews I did with this fascinating lady two years ago – Interview with a Renaissance Woman – Linda LaRoche (Part 1 and Part 2). 

For more information on Linda’s book launch, click HERE

For information on purchasing Linda’s book, click HERE.

Get your copy now.  It’s the perfect addition to your summer reading list.  And don't forget to visit Linda's brilliant blog Do Write.  

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