Thursday, January 19, 2017

Uncommon Goods from an Uncommon Company

The American consumer is spoiled by the abundance of cheap, convenient, mass-produced goods available to them, and they aren’t alone.  While the French consumer of my generation still prefers to pay a little more for local, artisanal products from baguettes to Birkins, their grandchildren are snapping up mass-produced jeans with American labels as fast as they roll off the assembly line. 

And so, when Uncommon Goods, an American Company that specializes in artisanal goods, asked me to feature them in a post, my French heart positively warmed to the idea.  I checked out their web site and was delighted by what I found. 

Inspired by the artistic and artisanal world, David Bolotsky, CEO and Founder, started an on-line business from his New York apartment in 1999, eventually moving to its current location in nearby Brooklyn.  And from this location they offer an amazing variety of interesting products all available on line. 

Here are a few that caught my eye. 

Since I was a child I have loved beautiful night lights, and this beauty is made from a real Sugar Maple leaf and preserved in 24 karat gold.  Hand made by California artisan Michale Dancer, it will add a jewel-like sparkle to your bedroom.  Just drifting off to sleep while gazing at this lovely light will guarantee sweet dreams. 

This stunning retro print, reminiscent of 1930’s Hollywood glamour, called appropriately “Over the Threshold” depicts that romantic moment when the groom carries his new bride over the threshold and into their new lives.  Ohio Artist Alexander Doll will personalize this with the names of the bride and groom.  What a wonderful wedding gift!   In years to come, the happy couple can look at it and remember that special day long ago and long after the groom can no longer pick up anything heavier than his grandchild. 

This ceramic Pedestal Jewelry Holder is the perfect gift for her and the perfect place for her to put those favorite pieces she wears every day.  Ohio artist Tracy Shea imprints the ceramic with vintage fabrics and forms everything by hand in a press mold.  I just love the color and iridescent glaze. 

I’ve saved my favorite find for last. 

Everyone who lives, has ever lived or would love to live in a Manhattan apartment should own this Fire Escape Shelf.  The New York fire escape is an iconic symbol and this one will help you escape clutter and organize your space. 

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods.  All opinions are mine. 


  1. How nice to find one-of-a-kind decor for one's home. I admire someone who can turn a good idea and a passion into a successful business. So important for homeowners to surround themselves with things they love. Pieces that make them happy, isn't it?

    Uncommon goods has many appealing articles, which trurn a dwelling into a home!

    1. I was very impressed with their philosophy and their products. I do think one-of-a-kind pieces make a house a home by reflecting the owner's taste, style and sense of whimsy.

      Thanks for stopping by, as usual, Debra.

      Cheers, M-T

  2. These would all make lovely gifts, and I am always on the look-out for the unusual. . .thank you for featuring this company. I will go now to look at their website.

    1. I'd love to know what you think of the website, particularly if you make a purchase.

      It's not easy to find out-of-the-ordinary gifts for special people and special occasions, Cynthia. I agree. Hope Uncommon Goods will be a good find for you.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Cheers, M-T

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