Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It’s Finally Sweater Weather – Yeah!!

Tempers may still be hot following an incredibly contentious election season, but the weather has cooled down considerably.  It’s time to pull out those warm, woolly sweaters neatly folded away in your dresser drawer. 

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I did a quick inventory of mine and then headed for my local Talbots where they were having a terrific sale that I just could NOT pass up. 

Here are some of the little gems I came home with. 

This Boylston Paisley Sweater in soft, merino wool was an absolute steal.  In fact, at $55.99, it was such a steal that I thought I’d be nabbed for shop lifting on my way out.  It’s actually even prettier in person than in the picture.  Notice they show a redhead wearing this sweater – excellent choice.  We redheads absolutely rock these fall colors, and anything with a three-quarter sleeve is flattering, as it shows off the thinnest part of a woman’s arm, the wrist, and begs to be accessorized with a great bracelet or statement watch. 

And where would a great fall wardrobe be without an animal print, especially when it’s in this soft-as-silk cashmere?  Part of Talbot’s classic Audrey Sweater Collection, I snapped this one up for a cool $118.30, along with the gold link necklace.  Again, notice the ultra-flattering, three-quarter length sleeves. 

These are not what I normally think of as fall colors, but as soon as I tried on this paisley patchwork cardigan in soft Merino wool, I knew I had to have it.  Again, a virtual steal at $83.30.  I have paired it with jeans and a fitted navy or dark grey top for a casual look and it works beautifully over my navy sheath dress, too.  Very versatile, and there’s something so fun and cheerful about it that it makes me smile every time I wear it.  

Nothing beats a long cardigan, especially one in soft Merino wool at $83.30.  It’s the ultimate winter duster.  I fell in love with the long and lean silhouette, which actually flatters a petite frame because it drapes beautifully.  Although it’s wool, the fit makes it feel light and the side slits give it a wonderful lightness of movement. 

It also comes in Scotch Pine Heather, which I was tempted to buy, but, like most redheads, I wear a lot of green, so I opted for this beautiful shade of Dark Peacock Heather, and I’m so glad I did. 

And, of course, we need a little tweed in our fall wardrobes, and at $69.99 this Confetti Tweed Cardigan really delivers at a bargain price.  Again, it’s much nicer in person than in the picture, and the curved hem (slightly longer in the back) is a wonderful touch.  It is a textured wool blend and not quite as soft as the merino wool sweaters, so I wear it over long sleeves, since I have very sensitive skin.  I love the way it feels so light but keeps you nice and warm. 

You know me, I can’t pass up a beautiful scarf, especially at $27.99.  I love the pink, ivory and black color blocking and the frayed fringe. 

So, do yourself a favor and check out the Talbots fall sale.  Whether you are delighted, delirious, dismayed or downright depressed about the election results, a little retail therapy always does a body good.  


  1. I'm posting this comment on behalf of my friend Kirsten, who had a problem posting it.

    "I just had the best time reading through your blog. I was able to find your great article on scarves (I am a huge fan as you know) and the YouTube on 25 ways to tie one. Genius. Thanks for the much deserved entertainment break today!"

    1. So glad you enjoyed yourself. With your busy schedule, I know how limited your time is and how wonderful it is to take a much-needed break from time to time.

      Here's the link to the post you referenced on 25 ways to tie a scarf, for those of my readers who might also enjoy it. The post is "The All-American Girl Wears a Scarf," and the link is http://thefrenchtouch-m-t.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-all-american-girl-wears-scarf.html

      Cheers, dear friend,


  2. Alas, I have gained back some weight that I lost a couple years ago, and have been holding off on buying things until I lose some. But coming home with a collection of beautiful new clothes is sure to raise anyone's spirits. I love the long teal duster. Enjoy your haul! xo Deborah

    1. You lost it before, you can lose it again. I know that's cold comfort when the waist band on your skirt gets snug, but I know you can do it.

      If you need an enthusiastic cheer leader in your corner, I'm happy to be there. Rah! Rah! Rah! That teal duster would look super on you and it doesn't have to fit perfectly. A little color in your wardrobe might just jump start you on your way (weigh! sorry, couldn't resist) to losing those few pounds,

      xoxo, M-T


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