Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Products for Fall – Who Do You Trust?

September is finally here and not a moment too soon for me.  Of course, despite the oppressive heat, it feels as if it’s been coming and coming and coming……..  Since the middle of summer my email In Box has been filled to overflowing with skin care and makeup ads announcing the next best, greatest breakthrough/must-have item that I positively cannot think of facing the fall without…yadda, yadda, yadda. 

Not to mention the de rigueur tips and tricks from celebrity makeup artists I’ve NEVER heard of touting the latest and greatest tips and tricks, most of which I HAVE heard of (I’m hardly a newbie at this game.), and their corner drugstore finds that will give you a cheap thrill. 

Today Show Beauty Tips for Long-Lasting Makeup

I believe in miracles.  After all, towards the end of Mme Mère’s life she actually thanked me for being a good daughter.   It was a wonderful and unexpected moment.  So, yes, I do believe in miracles, just not on my face. 

As I said, I’m not exactly new at the skin care and makeup game.  When it comes to skin care, my hypersensitive skin does best when I do as little as possible to it (See “You’re Never Too Old to Baby Your Face”), so I’m not one to run out and get the latest $300 miracle in a bottle.  And while no makeup product will give me back my 30-year-old face, the face I did NOT appreciate when I had it, the right makeup properly applied and a few tried-and-true tips will, hopefully, keep me looking my best for a few more years. 

Bottom line – I do pay attention to new products, but I don’t make a mad dash to the cosmetics counter to be the first to snap them up. 

Tandberg TV set 1962

My engineer father always advised against rushing out to buy a new product on the market until the “bugs” had been worked out, and there were always “bugs.”  We waited until the mid-1960’s to buy our first color television set, until the “bugs” had been worked out sufficiently to suit my father’s critical eye.  Today, new products hit the market with the speed of light and disappear just as quickly not because they have bugs, although some do, but because the next, best thing is right behind them shoving them out of the way. 

The cosmetics industry is no different, but I am still my father’s daughter.  The first thing I do when I hear about a new product that sounds interesting is ------------- nothing!  I let it sit out there and ignore its frantic pleas for me to buy it. 

I start by checking the internet for general reviews.  The bloggers usually jump on these products first, but you can’t always be sure of their impartiality, particularly if they’ve been paid for endorsements.  I used to have a handful of independent makeup experts that I used for my clients and would go to them for their unbiased assessments of products, but some have retired and others have gone to work for big name companies, so their opinions are no longer as valuable to me.  They’re now pushing products like everyone else. 

As women have a chance to buy, use and evaluate the new products, they start to post personal reviews on sites like Amazon, Sephora, Laura Mercier, Bluemercury, etc., and that’s where l find the best information.   If you ask your BFF what she thinks about your new dress, she may hesitate to tell you what she really thinks for fear of hurting your feelings, but she will not hesitate to tell you what she really thinks about a new makeup product.  We women love to share our experiences with each other, and the internet has given us a great forum to do just that. 

If you’re one of those gals who just can’t wait to rush right out there and snag the newest must-have product, I say “you go, girl!!”  Just make sure you share your thoughts with the rest of us, because you are the expert I trust most.  


  1. I only buy skincare products from Paula's Choice; nobody else is particularly candid, nor honest, about the claims that they make for efficacy, or about the results that we might get. You can't "stop the aging process," for the love of heaven, so don't tell me that your goo in a bottle is going to do so!
    rant over,
    big hug,

    1. What a wonderful rant!! Loved it. You are so right, and I so share your sentiments. Will check out Paula's Choice products on your recommendation.

      Big hug right back at you, my dear,


  2. Marie-Thérèse, I, too, pay attention to new beauty products, but don't rush out to buy them. The same with skin care, I try to keep current, but often end up staying with the tried and true. For cosmetics, lately I've retured to Maybelline (for lipstick and eyeshadow), and for anti-aging potions, I've returned to Olay -- great products at a fraction of what the behind-the-counter brands cost. Sometimes I experiment with coconut, olive and essential oils also. It's fun being female!

  3. I've always enjoyed being female. It's a bit complicated, but always rewarding. I, too, mix high-end w/low-end cosmetics, although I have to say that my favorites are on the high-end side, as they tend to offer more of a range of colors and often have more staying power.

    I don't think the average woman realizes the HUGE markup on skin care, which is why the ladies at the cosmetics counters push it. They make more money on skin care than makeup, and, in so many cases, you are just throwing your money away.

    Lately I've been using good 'ole Dove hair products (shampoo, dry shampoo, different hold hairsprays, etc.), and I just love them. They have a lot of new formulas that are great. Should probably do a post on that at some point.

    As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    Cheers, M-T

  4. I have used my youngest daughter & eldest grand-daughter, for make-up advice. Since their teens, and up till now, aged 30. Now my daughter buys me products, such as snail moisturiser. I'm not joking. I also use old fashioned astral cream. It is amazing.

    1. Snail moisturizer? I love eating snails in a classic white wine sauce, but I confess I have never heard of snail moisturizer. Would love to know more about it and where to get it. Astral cream is also new to me. Your daughter and granddaughter are clearly a great resource. I would love to hear more about their recommendations. We could all learn a lot from them.

      Love when my readers share their favorite products.

      Cheers, M-T


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