Monday, March 7, 2016

March Madness à la Française

In Paris “March Madness” has everything to do with fashion and nothing to do with sports, as in America.  With only a day or two left to go of La Semaine de la Mode (March 1 to 9), the fashion shows in Paris have turned from experimental to downright weird and wacky. 

Japanese Designer Junya Wantanabe - Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

I can’t wait to wear this little number to lunch with the girls at the Country Club!  It’s the perfect hat to wear if you want to drink your lunch through a very long straw.  

Is it just me or does it remind you of one of those turbine ventilators on factory rooftops? 

I’m just sayin’…..


At its Champs-Elysées store, H&M staged its own red carpet event with music and DJs, makeup artists and personal shoppers on site to launch its new Studio Collection, currently available on line and coming to an H&M near you.  You may remember I picked up three adorable tops there when I was in Paris last spring (see “Just When You Think You Know Her…”) 

I love adding H&M pieces to my spring wardrobe.  That dash of youthful fun is just what the style doctor ordered after a season of serious and sober winter clothes.  And, of course, the price point is always as light as a breath of spring. 

And, if you choose carefully, you can enjoy that refreshing coup de jeune (touch of youth) while still looking age appropriate. 

Here are some of my picks from the Studio Collection, and, yes, I will be checking them out up close and personal at my local H&M as soon as they arrive. 

O.K., so it’s polyester.  I’m a snob about a lot of things (food, wine, music), after all French blood courses through my veins, but I am NOT a Polyphobe.  Polyester has come a long way, baby.  It’s washable and travels well, and there’s nothing wrong with having a few pieces in your wardrobe.  This blouse is so cute.  I love the detail of the lacing on the neckline, the breast pockets and the deep blue color. 

More great lacing detail, this time at the bottom of these cotton twill trousers.  How cute are they!!  There’s just enough poly and stretch in these to make them comfy and washable.  The color is listed as dark gray, although it looks navy blue in the picture. 

I love wearing bright, printed skirts in spring/summer, with solid color tops that can be accessorized with jewelry and/or a scarf with colors pulled from the skirt.  The bold graphic print on the front of this sassy little skirt is embroidered with colored beads, reminiscent of the beautiful handwork done by American Indians, and the fringed hem is a fun detail.  It is 100% cotton twill. 

This ecru Jacquard, ¾ jacket in cotton mix (dry clean only) is a great transition piece that will take you through spring, summer and into the fall. 

Well, there you have my picks.  I’d wear any of these, how about you? 

Next time, a quick look at the luxury goods market and whether or not it’s still worth it. 

This gorgeous Hermès Birkin bag in red crocodile recently went for a mere $203,525 at an auction in Dallas, Texas.  Sound like a good investment?  Stay tuned.  


  1. Great post - wearable, stylish at a reasonable cost is definitely possible. investing time in H&M can result is some great finds to update the wardrobe for any age. One of my casual shirts I pair with jeans I bought from the men's wear section of H&M. So many friends have asked me where they can buy it!

    1. Couldn't agree more, Elizabeth. There are definitely little gems at H&M, if you are willing to take the time to look. And you can't beat the prices, particularly for spring/summer clothes. Save the big-buck items for your more substantial, autumn/winter wardrobe.

      I've been wondering how you are and am delighted you took the time to stop by and comment.

      Cheers, M-T

  2. If I bought a handbag like that, I'd scuff the heck out of it the first time I carried it! I think I'd rather invest in something that I can't destroy with my own 2 hands...

    1. I think I know you well enough to know, Janice, that you take beautiful care of everything you own. This would be no exception. Besides, Hermès prides itself on taking care of everything they make for the life of the product. I've had my Kelly bag in for "maintenance" and it came back looking good as new -- ditto for one or two of my scarves.

      Always a treat to have you stop by and leave a comment.

      Cheers, M-T

  3. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    Of all the pieces shown here, I would only opt for the polyester (microfiber?) blouse. Yes, I'm also quite strong on buying natural fibers but lately things have changed for the better!
    But I will never ever buy any of those jeans that lack about 4" of length... Making anyone look so stumped off. Sure, they are pushing for that look (awful look in my opinion and NEVER flattering) again, just for sales and making people change. Not me though, neither for those spiky heels that we see now for several years already. Dangerous.
    So that's it; only one piece sold here! Sorry...
    Sending you hugs from a lovely sunny (earlier) Georgia with 77°F and Friday 85°F...

    1. Dearest Mariette, You know that I always respect and value your opinions on everything from fashion to life to lifestyle. I do think the laced jeans would look great with someone with your lovely, long slim legs and some strappy sandals. At least, that's exactly what I would wear with them instead of the spike heels.

      We, too, have had a gloriously sunny day in Haddonfield, and the rest of the week is expected to be the same. Fingers crossed for an early spring.

      Big hugs to you, my dear friend.

      Cheers, M-T

  4. I haven't checked out H and M for several years. I guess it's time to have another look. I'm shocked the runway hat doesn't appeal to you :). It looks like it could open soup cans too!
    xo Jennifer

    1. I don't get any winter wardrobe essentials at H&M, but it is definitely worth a look for spring/summer. With your discerning eye, you could absolutely snag something interesting at a great price.

      Wow! A multi-purpose hat!! It opens soup cans and ventilates factories. Maybe the designer was on to something here. (insert HUGE smiley face here)

      Big hugs, my friend.

      xoxo, M-T


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