Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Slits and Fishtails – The Curvy Gals Best Friends

As an image consultant and style coach, I have had the great pleasure of working with ladies of all shapes and sizes over the years.  But……….and here I have a little confession to make…… curvy, full-figured clients are often the most rewarding.  Why?  Because, if I can help a full-figured woman see her body in a positive way and make the most of those great curves, it can change more than just what she sees in the mirror.  It can change the way she sees herself. 

Typically, she feels she needs to “hide” herself in her clothes.  If I had a nickel for every time I found a shapely pair of legs hiding under a shapeless maxi dress, I would be a very rich woman. 

Haunted by images of models with long, skinny legs, she is convinced her legs are FAT, when, in fact, they are probably far more shapely and sexy than those spindly things poking out of the fashion pages.  It’s usually easier for me to convince her to show some cleavage than it is to get her to show her legs. 

On my list of Slimming Tips for Full-Figured Ladies, coming in at No. 2, is the Slit.  It’s a great way to elongate your silhouette (very slimming!) and show a bit of skin (very sexy!). 

This Vince Camuto ankle-length dress from Macy’s has a slit over one leg, showcasing only the lower half of that leg; but, because of the length of the dress, it creates the illusion of showing more than it actually shows.  It’s a sexy, but discreet, way of showing off a bit of leg without exposing the entire leg.  

This straight skirt from Jones New York has a small, discreet slit over one leg, which gives a bit of sass to a lady-like skirt.  Again, the slit has the effect of elongating the leg without showing too much of it.  This is a perfect skirt for the woman who wants to look polished and professional, while still looking feminine. 

This pencil skirt from ASOS has a slightly larger slit in the front, which, again, promises more than it reveals, at least until you sit down.  If your legs are fuller outside, a front or back slit is very flattering. 

This double-slit maxi dress is for the full-figured gal who is not afraid to make an entrance.  Wow!!  You WILL get noticed in this dress and so will your legs – every inch of them!!  If you’ve got the “gams,” show them off. 

Now that you’ve made friends with the slit, meet your other best friend – the fishtail.

Whether you are a delicious apple, luscious pear or a beautiful bouquet (larger on top), the fishtail skirt provides the perfect balance for your figure.  It even adds feminine curves to women who don’t have them. This little gem is from Bella, a company that specializes in the vintage styles that always seem to compliment curvy gals so beautifully. 

Of course, great legs demand great shoes to really show them off to advantage.  Pointed toes elongate the foot, thus the leg.  Rounded toes are second best.  Sling backs, which show some skin, are very flattering, and, of course, the classic pump is always a favorite.  But, as important as the choice of the shoe is the choice of the heel. 

The rule is:  The chunkier the leg, the chunkier the heel.  It's all a matter of balance and proportion.  Here are two examples:


This lovely shoe, “Zari,” from BellaVita has a sturdy, stacked heel with a gently rounded toe.  Despite the chunky heel, the shoe has a very feminine feel to it. 

This gorgeous shoe, “Ugogirl,” in blue suede from Nine West has a gently sculpted heel.  The sculpted heel is a more graceful heel, and the pointed toe creates that beautiful, elongating effect that makes your legs look longer and leaner. 

Eh voilà, my beautiful curvy gals.  Put your best curves forward and show off those gorgeous “gams.” 


  1. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    WOW for such slits you must be VERY daring indeed!
    Slimming the curved bodies depends also on fabrics, like vertical stripes work miracles here as well. Solid colors are always better and the darker ones better than light colors.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Vertical stripes work beautifully on us petite gals, too -- makes us look taller, which elongates the silhouette, which, in turn, makes full-figured gals look taller and, therefore, slimmer. Eh Voilà! Solid colors are great, too. They create an unbroken column of color which does the same thing.

      Big hugs to you, too ma chère.

  2. Great post. Would never have looked at a 'fishtail' skirt before but makes sense to visually balance us big and not so big ladies. Am I correct in assuming this would balance out the larger hips of an hourglass type figure? Love the blue suede shoes!

    1. You are absolutely correct. The fishtail skirt does exactly that - create balance for larger hips. In fact, the peplum top is a fishtail top and does wonders for balancing out a larger top and, if not too extreme, can also balance out/minimize a larger bottom. Give it a try.'s all in the proportions. Aren't those suede shoes fabulous?? Too bad they don't come in my size.

      Stop by again, EB
      Cheers, M-T

  3. Years ago I attended a lecture by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES. She wore a black top, slim, rather long black skirt and black high heels. As she strode back and forth across the stage, a sliver of brilliant red slip was revealed under the slit in her skirt. It was mesmerizing.

    1. What a wonderful story you have shared with us. In just a few sentences you have painted a very vivid image. Brilliant!!

      Stop by again, Carol from the Mile High City.
      Cheers, M-T


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