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What’s in My Make-Up Compact?

In a previous post, “Put Your Best Face Forward for Spring,” I recommended the Laura Mercier 6-well Customizable Compact ($10).  Just pop in six of your favorite blush and eye shadow shades, and you are good to go.  No more hunting through your makeup drawer.   I never travel without it. 

Would you like to know what colors are in mine? 

What's in My Customizable Compact?

From Laura’s Second Skin Cheek Color collection of blushers, I have chosen two colors that work beautifully with my ivory skin.  These blushers go on velvety smooth and add a beautiful wash of sheer, buildable color that really does last the whole day; and, they contain the light-diffusing qualities that make your face look absolutely flawless, even up close. 

Peach Whisper ($26) is so aptly named.  It gives my cheeks a whisper of soft peach while brightening my whole face.  It’s my every day, all day blush. 

Wild Bouquet ($26) is my triple-duty blusher.  After applying Peach Whisper, I add a touch of Wild Bouquet in the hollows of my cheeks.  For evening, I mix Peach Whisper and Wild Bouquet together to deepen the color and add warmth to my face. 

And, it makes a perfect eye shadow for my green eyes (more about that later). 

Two of my eye shadows are from Laura’s Matte colors.   As we age, and, yes, we hate reading that phrase, much less hearing it, but the truth is matte colors are simply more flattering on eyelids that are no longer as smooth and youthful as they once were.  And Laura’s matte colors give a lovely smooth finish and are long-lasting, particularly if you apply a lid primer first, such as her Eye Basics, which comes in eight shades and can be worn alone. 

eye makeup diagram - Source Lamas Beauty

 What would I do without you, Matte Buttercream ($24)?

I sweep this color over my entire eye area from lash line up to eyebrow.  It gives a subtle, warm glow to my eyes.

Then, I add Wild Bouquet Blush from the center of my lid to the outer corner and sweep it across the crease.  I told you it made a great eye shadow.    Again, the effect is very subtle. 

Now, here’s a trick I learned from a retired model friend of mine, who has all sorts of make-up tricks up her sleeve for women our age.  A sweep of a slightly yellow shadow, such as Buttercream, under the entire eye area looks more natural and flattering than the too-light concealer that often results in a whitish ring under the eyes.  Give it a try and see if you don’t love the effect. 

Going from day to evening can be as simple as adding Matte Cashmere ($24) from the center of my lid to the outer corner and in the crease.  The violet color is subtle and buildable and adds a touch of drama to my eyes. 

Navy blue and deep violet look gorgeous on green, hazel and brown eyes.  The contrast between the cool eye shadow colors and the warm eye colors draws attention to your beautiful eyes. 

Of course, I still believe that a dash of iridescence for evening is absolutely de rigueur for any woman, no matter her age.  And so, you will find two eye shadows from Laura’s Luster Eye Color collection in my Compact. 

eye makeup diagram - Source Lamas Beauty

Three dabs of Star Fruit ($24) is my favorite way to highlight my eyes.

First, I sweep it under the arch of my brow to the end of my brow to highlight the whole eye. 

Then, I add a vertical smudge of Star Fruit from lash line to crease, right in the center of my eyelid to highlight the gold rim around my green eyes.

Finally, I dab it in the inner corner of my eyelid to reflect light onto my eyes.  It's all very subtle and very effective. 


Bamboo ($24) on the outer corner of my lid and across the crease adds extra depth and drama to my eyes for evening, and it has a touch of shimmer to it, but not too much – just enough. 

So now you know what’s in my Laura Mercier 6-well Customizable Compact.  What’s in yours? 


  1. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    You use similar products that I chose for the very same reason. A kind of matte buttercream is the best concealer type thing for below our eye brow. Found my products at Bergdorf Goodman: Kevyn Aucoin Eye Shadow Duo, Palette 202
    Love that bamboo and for your green eyes that will work perfect!
    Got to slide between my Yves Delorme down duvet as it is late but I did catch up after 2 days without access to blogs due to partial Internet...
    Hugs and happy weekend; it was very cool the past couple of days here in Georgia and rainy...

    1. So sorry you have been having computer issues, but hope they are finally resolved. I always feel so bereft when that happens. I do like Aucoin, too.

      Stay warm, my friend.
      Big hugs, M-T

  2. I am a Laura Mercier fan myself! Even though we have very different coloring, Matte Buttercream is in the center of my top row! The convenience is fabulous, and I just love the pigment concentration in these. I LOVE your tip about the two blush colors. I'm so fair I've been hesitant to try it for fear of looking like I smudged mud on my cheeks but using colors like seem sounds flawless!! Thanks for the tip and encouragment my stylish friend. Have a great weekend!

    1. I know you share my love of Laura's products, particularly Buttercream. You are soooo right about the beautiful pigment concentration. Yes, yes, never be afraid to mix colors. I do it all the time. It creates a more custom look. Just start w/a light hand and build up, if needed.

      Now I need to head over to your latest post and check it out.

      Cheers, my friend, M-T

  3. I have a great blusher by LM. It is the cream version in a delicate rose colour. I like a bit of sheen, not shine or glimmer on my eyes but you have to go for the more pricey brands as the particles are smaller, my latest is a chanel one. I have green/grey eyes so also like a delicate violet.

    1. I, too, have the LM crème blusher in apricot. Sometimes I add a touch of that across the top of my cheekbones for a bit of shimmer. Her crème blushers last and last. Great choice of color for your green/gray eyes, Josephine. It's those tiny, micronized particles in the eye shadows that create that subtle sheen for our eyes and, yes, I agree, it's not easy to find in the less expensive products.

      Cheers, M-T

  4. Loved the color palate! I am not as good about the face as I think I am with the eyes...but I liked the softness of the cheek colors you are using. And to use cheek color for the EYE! Lovely!

    I am always a fan of a little shimmer, too.

    Great post. As always. XO


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