Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Pillow Talk Pillow

Can we talk?  It's time for some serious pillow talk, by which I mean a serious talk about pillows!  Any discussion of pillows must be approached with great delicacy, because the word itself is fraught with sexual tension.  Do I exaggerate?  I think not.  Pillows represent one of the great divides between man and woman.  Allow me to explain.  

Decorative Bed for Summer

Women just love them and men just don't get them.  The whole "pillow obsession" thing is a total mystery to the average straight guy.  Within hours of our engagement, fluffy, colorful things in rectangular and square shapes began appearing in my husband's bachelor apartment, which was decorated in muted earth tones; well, let's be brutally honest - boring beige and muddy brown.  Get the picture?  

I love pillows.  As far as I'm concerned, you can never have enough of them.  I currently have seven pillows on my summer bed in crisp cottons and linen.  In winter, cotton and linen will give way to satin and velvet.  Just looking at a bed covered with beautiful pillows makes me want to dive in and lounge about in them.  

My Allegra Enjoying a Cat Nap

After all, why should my cats have all the fun?  Cats and pillows go together like………caviar and crème fraiche.   

“Do you think you have enough pillows on the bed?” my husband asked recently.  The subtle sarcasm did not escape me.  He once complained that by the time he removed them all, he was too tired to make love.   

Contrast in Textures
When my brother moved to New York to pursue his operatic career, he asked me to help him decorate his apartment, since he was between girlfriends at the time.  I took one look at his cream-colored couch and said, “The first thing we need is pillows.” 

He gave me a blank look, “What?  Pillows?  Why?” 

I tried to explain to him about pops of color and textural contrast, but his eyes just glazed over.  Against his better judgment, we purchased two burgundy pillows and a print throw for the couch.  A few weeks later, a new girlfriend complimented him on his pillows.  “Imagine that,” he said.  “So, what do you think about some drapes to go with the pillows?” 

My little brother had just learned a valuable lesson about women.  Of course, I don’t think for a minute that he “got it” – the whole pillow thing.  Most men still find it a mystery.  But, let’s let Steve (played by Jack Davenport) take on the whole male-female pillow thing in one of the funniest rants you will ever hear on the subject from the BBC’s terrific “Coupling” series. 

“Coupling” ran for four seasons (2000-2004), and, as far I’m concerned, the coupling of brilliant writing and a superb cast made it the funniest and most sophisticated sex and relationship comedy TV has ever produced.  

In this clip, Steve and Susan are moving in together, and she has taken him, along with a few of their friends, to a furniture store, where Steve is confronted by those bizarre, girlie things that he has no idea what to do with.   

In the battle of the sexes, this gives a whole new meaning to the term “pillow fight.”


  1. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    Funny but I don't fit the bill in that regard... On our bed are 4 down pillows from Yves Delorme. Two bottom ones are European squares and the top ones are just down filled queen. All four have a flanged Yves Delorme pillow sham... LOVE that and that's how we sleep. putting the big square just a bit up and resting the queen on top of its bottom. Barty my 10-year old LOVES to sleep over my head like a halo, on top of the European square.
    In the living room on the leather sofa, love seat and chair we have NO pillows as ours is a comfy Dutch design that does not lean way back so you need pillows to prop you up.
    Only in our veranda I have two Fleur-de-Lys pillows and thats all. Our guest beds and also downstairs have the same Yves Delorme pillows with down duvets.
    By the way, sorry but yesterday was Mme Mère's exit to heaven. I'm late in letting you know I was thinking about you.
    Big hugs,

    1. How sweet and incredibly thoughtful of you to remember Mme Mère on her anniversary (June 10th). Hard to believe it's been a whole year. I still catch myself picking up the phone to call her.

      Your pillows sound very luxurious. I must try them out in the guest room some day.

      Big hugs,, M-T

  2. No my husband definitely does not get the "pillow" or "cushions" as we call them over here. I keep reminding him that the decorative cushions are not for sleeping on but are simply decorative. He is never going to get there.

    1. Your husband and my husband should definitely get together. We can send them off on their own while we go shopping. Sounds like a plan.

      Cheers, M-T


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