Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Right Shoe for the Right Job

To know me is to know my love of shoes (See “Red Shoes and Glass Slippers”).   As a little girl, when others were looking forward to their Easter baskets filled with jelly beans, chocolate-covered eggs and marshmallow peeps, I was looking forward to a shiny new pair of Easter shoes.  I’m still that little girl who tingles all over at the thought of a new pair of shoes. 

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about the shoes.  And choosing the right shoe for the right job can make all the difference.  Here’s what I mean:
Shoes for Running

Nike Running Shoes
Always on the run?  These are the shoes for you.  If I were a runner, I would do my running in these.  Very cool. 

Shoes for Strolling

Cendrillon (Cinderella) Ballet Pumps –Repetto
Since I’m more of a stroller than a runner through life, these ballet flats are more my speed and definitely more my style. 

Shoes for Driving

Clarks Dunbar Racer in Tomato Red
We spend so much of our lives behind the wheel, and vacation season means peak driving season.  A great pair of driving shoes can make all the difference to your feet, particularly if you drive a stick shift (manual transmission), like I do. 

The rubber strips on the sole and heel of this leather driving shoe insure a firm grip on the pedals, and there’s enough support to make them a great all-around walking shoe.  So, save the wear and tear on those expensive high heels you scrimped and saved for and invest in a good driving shoe. 

Shoes for Flirting

These gorgeous “Dorothy” stilettos from the delightful Blog “High Heels and High Notes” are just made for fun and flirting.  And, should things start to heat up with that sexy stranger with the hazel eyes, you can be (no place like) home in three clicks of your heels.  What happens next is up to you!

Shoes for Dancing

Red Pointe Shoes
What better way is there to dance through life than in a pair of red pointe shoes? 

Last month, New York City Ballet principal dancer, Janie Taylor, danced her farewell performance in the arms of her husband, principal dancer Sébastien Marcovici.  At the tender age of 33, the ballet world lost one of its brightest stars to a progressive auto-immune disease. 
Ms. Taylor’s fragile beauty always stood in stark contrast to the incredible athletic vigor she gave to every performance.  It was a mesmerizing combination.  She will be greatly missed. 

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, she revealed some of her beauty and travel secrets, and said she was “…looking forward to wearing more attractive shoes after retirement.”  Aha…a kindred shoe spirit! 

A few years ago, Ms. Taylor danced with choreographer and fellow corps de ballet member, Justin Peck, wearing a Chloé collection.  The collection, called “Ethereal,” was inspired by the art of the dance, and clearly the pairing between the clothes and the dancer was also inspired. 


Janie, we will miss you.  Happy shoe shopping! 


  1. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    What a sad fact that Janie Taylor is struck by a progressive auto-immune disease. Well, God forbid that I would have been a ballerina in the end of 2009 or early 2010; I too would have had to retire. Even though I'm fully mobile but I did loose a lot of my muscle strenght that I plant to rebuild slowly this spring and summer.
    Easter was for us as children the time we would get our spring/summer wardrobe and we wore it to Mass at Easter. Even if it caused goosebumps; you wanted to wear it and not revert back to the winter wardrobe again.
    Those are the joys of life and why would we quit?

    1. Wonderful Easter memories that I'm so delighted to share with you, ma chère Mariette. One would almost think we grew up in the same country.

      I'm so glad you are on the mend. Yes, it is sad when such a beautiful bird in flight (Janie Taylor) has its wings clipped. Still, she is and will always be magnificent even if she never dances again.

      Big bisous, M-T

  2. Good driving shoes. I find driving rubs the heels of my flats especially the suede ones.

    1. I agree, Josephine. I keep my driving shoes in the car in nice weather so I can slip them on while driving and slip them off to put on my high heels before getting out of the car.

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