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Christmas Legends – The Candy Cane

Do you know the legend of the Christmas Candy Cane?  No?

Well, legend has it that, many years ago, a candy maker wanted to make a candy that would symbolize the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus.  So, he took a piece of white hard candy and shaped it into a “J.”  The white signified Jesus’ purity, and the red stripes he added were the blood that Jesus shed to save mankind from his sins. 

Whether true or simply part of the many myths of the Christmas season, it has become an inspirational story for Christians, and a reminder what it is we are truly celebrating – the birth of our Savior. 

Whoever he was and whatever his reason, we owe a debt of gratitude to the man who fashioned the first Candy Cane.  In fact, what would we do without this beloved symbol of the Christmas season?   Just looking at a Candy Cane brings a smile to the faces of young and old alike. 

We decorate our houses, our trees and our gifts with them. 

Candy Cane Martini
They even make a festive appearance at our Holiday Cocktail Parties. 


  • 1 oz. Absolut Vanilla Vodka
  • 1 oz. Skyy Vodka
  • 1/4 oz. Peppermint Schnapps
  • 1 large candy cane, crushed Small Candy Cane

  1. Crush one large candy cane into small pieces.
  2. Place pieces on a plate.
  3. Wet the outside rim of a martini glass.
  4. Place martini glass upside down on plate of crushed candy cane until it adheres to rim of glass.
  5. Fill a Martini shaker with ice.
  6. Add Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Skyy and Peppermint Schnapps.
  7. Shake vigorously.
  8. Pour into candy cane-rimmed martini glass and garnish with small candy cane.
Hmm.  “Make mine a double, Bartender -- TWO Candy Canes, please.”

Snopes, the website devoted to separating fact from fiction, has this to say about the legend of the Christmas Candy Cane:  “This is charming folklore at best, and though there's nothing wrong with finding (and celebrating) symbolism where there wasn't any before, the story of the candy cane's origins is, like Santa Claus, a myth and not a ‘true story.’"

I may be willing to concede the point on the Candy Cane, but Santa Claus?  A myth?  I beg to differ with Snopes et al.  Santa is as real as you and I, and I have that on the highest, most reliable, of authorities – Mrs. Claus. 

Every Christmas Eve, Mrs. Claus sends Santa off with a big kiss as he and his team of flying reindeer set off on their very special journey.   After delivering toys to all the good little boys and girls, they arrive home exhausted but delighted that they have, once again, brought joy to millions of children.  

Mrs. Claus makes sure Santa gets a well-deserved massage…

And then a cozy catnap by a warm fire with his favorite tabby, Bella, on his lap. 

Gaston, the Elf Chef Comes to Us from Kringlekin
While Santa dozes, Mrs. Claus oversees matters in the kitchen, where Gaston, the French elf Chef is bustling about preparing a special Christmas feast à deux of Artichoke Canapés with foie gras, oysters with sabayon de champagne, roasted goose with chestnut stuffing, green beans and wild mushrooms, followed by an assortment of Santa’s favorite brebis (cheese). 

And, of course, no festive Christmas dinner would be complete without Santa’s favorite dessert -- a sumptuous bûche de Noël. 

Now, you might think that Santa would be ready for another doze by the fire after such a delicious feast, but Mrs. Claus has other ideas.  “After all,” as she put it to me, “Santa may belong to the world the rest of the year, but on Christmas Day, he’s all mine.”

Mrs. Claus loves to go dancing, and, believe it or not, for all his size, Mr. Claus is very light on his feet.  In fact, I understand that Santa does a mean Samba.  

So on Christmas Day, Santa and the stylish Mrs. Claus will be tripping the lights fantastic at their favorite North Pole Boîte until the wee hours of the morning.  Can you keep a secret?  Here’s a sneak peak at the ensemble Mrs. Claus has chosen for the evening; but, remember, it must be our little secret or we’ll all end up on the Naughty List.  


  1. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    Guess it was the perfect time for such a story telling post; right before going to dreamland. Very well done, including Mrs. Claus stylish outfit!
    Enjoy these precious days of the year.

    1. She is quite a stylish lady, indeed. I hope my story gave you sweet dreams, ma chère amie.

      The first Christmas without Mme Mère will be bittersweet.

      Warm hugs from snowy Haddonfield, M-T

  2. I adore Mrs Claus's outfit, but I must correct the huge error that people make about Santa, He is a She!! Santa is the Female saint, San is the Male. San Claus it should be if it was Mr Claus doing the whole gift thing. But as well all know, it is the women in the house that do most of the decorating, gift buying and wrapping, festive food making and feast creating and I believe that it is Mrs Claus who we should be thinking about when we talk about Santa Claus!! I think we have Norman Rockwell to thank for the gender mistake as I believe he was the first to paint the jolly fat man in a red suit.

    1. Hmmm….food for thought, Melissa. I will have to refer the matter to my friend, Mariette, of Mariette’s Back to Basics, as she is Dutch and, I believe, “Sinter Klaas” is of Dutch origin. Could the 4th Century Bishop, St. Nicholas (presumed to be the original St. Nick), known for his gift giving, have been a woman? If he was, please don’t tell me. I don’t want to know (heavy sigh).

      I am so delighted you stopped by with your very interesting comments.

      Have a wonderful holiday.

      Cheers, M-T
      P.S.: I guess Norman Rockwell has a lot to answer for. (smile)

    2. Dearest Marie-Thérèse and Melissa,
      Let me leave this link that explains The Origin of Santa Claus in a Video about history, listen till the end to hear how Sinterklaas morphed into Santa Claus...
      Hope this will be helpful!

    3. Dearest Mariette, I knew you would have some special insight on the "Santa Claus" story. The video was so wonderful to watch. Thanks so much for sending the link.

      I always thought that the earliest description of Santa (i.e., fat man in a red suit, etc.) came from the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas", also known as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" (1823) by Clement Clarke Moore.

      Warm holiday hugs, ma chère amie,

  3. Fascinating story about the candy cane...true or not! I think the drink sounds like something worth trying. Probably better than eggnog:). Loving Mrs Claus' outfit. Can't go too wrong with a vintage Mink stole!! Very chic with the opera length gloves. Hope all is well my friend. xoJennifer

    1. I'm not a fan of eggnog. Yuck! To be honest, I have not tried the Christmas Martini, but the recipe sounded so delicious, that I thought I'd include it. I do plan to give it a taste test very soon. I'll let you know.

      Yes, Mrs. Claus has a very "chic" streak under her fur-trimmed bonnet.

      Warm holiday hugs,

      xoxo, M-T

  4. I love it - Mrs. Claus is going to take the room by storm in that gorgeous outfit.

  5. I love red at Christmas. Lifts the spirits. Thank you you lovely comment on my blog. Wishing you all the best for 2014. May it be fruitful and prosperous.

  6. That legend is new to me, thank you very much for the wonderfully interesting candy cane history lesson. I sense this is something I'll be bringing up at holiday parties the whole season through now. :)

    Big hugs & the very merriest of Christmas wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comment on my post about being crowed a queen of vintage. Definitely! Vintage appropriate as (using) coal may be, I much prefer the gift of this delightful honour instead. :)


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