Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snippets of French Style for Summer

If you don’t know “My Little Paris,” you should.  It’s one of those Blogs I file under “MUST-READ-AS-SOON-AS-IT-ARRIVES-IN-MY-INBOX.  It never fails to intrigue and inform about everything le tout Paris needs to know.  I get mine in French, but the English version is just as beautifully done. 

Recently, they introduced me to “La Robe Idéale” (the ideal dress), for that chi-chi summer occasion, such as a wedding, and I fell hard.  

The Nina is in bronze-colored silk with delicate lace (dentelle de Calais) sleeves and is currently on sale for 264 Euros. 

Ladies, forget the young model with endless legs who’s wearing it.  While I would definitely lengthen the hem a bit, I do believe this is a dress that can be worn by real women like us, and here’s why. 

The wrap waist camouflages that little tummy and the lace sleeves cover any upper-arm issues with a touch of femininity.   Lace can be difficult to wear for those of us d’un certain âge.  Too much can make us look as vintage as grandmother’s faded tablecloth.  But this dress gets it just right. 

Oh, and BTW, it also comes in black and royal blue, perfect for that fall or winter special occasion. 

The designer of “La Robe Idéale” is a lovely young woman named Laura Foulquier, who designs in her Paris atelier under the label “lorafolk.”  Foulquier creates high end, ready-to-wear clothes for women using delicate fabrics and strong, clean lines.  Her clothes are ultra-feminine, and beautifully finished.  The word “soigné” comes to mind every time you look at one of her creations. 

Here are a few more selections from her spring/summer 2013 collection that I just loved. 

The Manteau Esha is a ¾ length jacket in embroidered jacquard with an acetate lining. 

Don’t be distracted by the skimpy “undies” the model is wearing underneath.  This is a stunning jacket that would take anything from a pair of skinny jeans to black, silk evening pants to the next level. 

Gorgeous!  And that color!!  Like a pink petit-four.  Delicious enough to eat!

Love this beautiful silk top, Adesh, in a peachy bronze.  

 And this fun party dress, Ouma, in embroidered silk and lined in pure silk, will definitely get you noticed when you make your fashionably late entrance at the next, beautiful-people soirée

Yes, Ladies, summer is no time to let down our sartorial side.  We can and should still dress up and look our best whenever possible. 

Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of adding a beautiful scarf to an otherwise casual summer outfit. 

Oh, I heard that…you think scarves are only for fall and winter.    Well, think again. 

How about a scarf from Maison Boucheron made of pure gold and adorned with 116 diamonds?  Now THAT'S a scarf for all seasons. 

 The pleating of the gold in the Delilah necklace transforms it into a soft-as-silk fabric. 
The question is….is it a scarf or is it a necklace? 
The answer is…..who cares!!!  Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous!!

There’s also a fabulous Mosaïque version, which contains diamonds, sapphires and an array of colored stones. 

Just takes your breath away, doesn’t it?  Definitely an OMG moment on steroids.   

Oh, and if you’re wondering how much the Delilah collection costs, well……… know what they say…………..if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it, n’est-ce pas? 

I hope you enjoyed our little trip into the luxury stratosphere.  Time to come back to earth now, and I know just where to drop you off. 

Next stop….. Anne Touraine Paris…..where you can find the most beautiful, luxurious scarves at incredibly down-to-earth prices.  In fact, I’d say they’d be an absolute steal at twice the price!! 

I have always referred to my friend, Anne, as la reine des foulards (the queen of scarves), for the simple reason that there is nothing Anne does NOT know about the care and feeding and elegant wearing of scarves.  It was only a matter of time before she launched her own line, and voilà, Anne Touraine Paris is off and running. 
All of Anne’s fabulous scarves are made from the finest Lyonnaise silk and each hem is hand rolled. 

And, the best part is that every scarf arrives with Anne’s personal CD that shows you how, with a few clever twists and folds, you, too, can look as chic as any parisienne.  This gorgeous homage to Haute Couture in vibrant violet blue comes in three sizes (starting at $170), and the silk chiffon stoles ($110) are an absolute necessity for any woman’s wardrobe. 
Yes, Ladies, scarves are NOT just for fall and winter; they're for all seasons. 

Have a wonderful summer, and make it a stylish one!

Dear Readers, Please know that I do not profit in any way from any site or product that I recommend, beyond the pleasure of sharing them with you. 


  1. Ma très chère amie,
    You are so adorable! I won't say it enough!!!
    Many thanks for sharing with your stylish readers information about my silk scarf line. They are all welcome to visit my store and to take a look at all the other designs of the collection. There are colors and designs for every woman.
    Many many thanks again for your kind support.
    Hugs to the Queen of Style,

    1. In fact, ma très chère amie, I had great difficulty choosing which of your gorgeous scarves to feature in my post. There are so many fabulous styles, sizes and colors to choose from.

      I encourage all of my readers to visit your store. I know they will not want to leave empty-handed.

      Gros bisous de la part de ta cop du nord, M-T

  2. Thank you for the tip about My Little Paris!

    The scarves are beautiful.


    1. My pleasure, Irene. I love to pass along interesting places to visit via internet to my readers whenever possible. And, yes, Anne's scarves are gorgeous. Perhaps you might want to treat yourself to one for a special occasion???

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Warm regards, M-T

  3. Just a little FYI to my Readers. I do not profit in any way from any site or product that I recommend, aside from the pleasure of sharing them with you.


  4. This site looks so lovely, thank you for sharing with us!!
    Yes, Anne's scarves are all so beautiful!! What a clever lady she is. I've been trying to choose which one I want. You're right, they are all gorgeous!! I will be ordering mine as soon a I return home from my summer away!! By then I'm sure I will have decided I must have two or three of them!!

    1. Clever and talented girl, our Anne.

      Two or three sounds like the perfect number, Jennifer. Please let us know what you select. And, perhaps, pictures of you wearing them? Would love that!!

      Have a great vacation.

      Warmly, M-T

  5. Dearest Marie-Thérèse,
    What a lovely post; you took us on a journey and indeed one becomes air borne. But we landed safely back. Isn't that funny, I would love all those items and yet, not that many will dress like that.
    Enjoy your summer and keep stylish cool.

    1. I'll do my best to remain as chic as possible in this impossibly unchic "chaleur étouffante". As my British Grandmum would have said, "It's hotter than Hades out there."

      I can't wait for the cooler days of autumn to arrive.

      Big hugs, ma chère


  6. Thank you for sharing these clothes, and they all look good. I like all kinds of evening dress, because they feel very crazy. I like Chiffon Sleeveless Zipper Criss Cross Strapless Natural Waist Cocktail Dress.

    1. I checked out the cocktail dress you mentioned, and it's very cute. Thanks for stopping my. M-T

  7. I recently had a 'debate' with a good friend who INSISTED that scarves were NOT a summer accessories. Au contraire, I contraire. :)

    Loved this. As usual.

    1. Au contraire mon contraire. I think you should show her this post to prove your point. You've definitely won this debate.

      Thanks for stopping by, ma chère, M-T

  8. Replies
    1. Everything looks better with a little gold, n'est-ce pas? Thanks for stopping by.



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