Monday, May 6, 2013

Mum's the Word

Quill and Fox Card
Remember when you made your own Mother’s Day card in first grade?  You folded a piece of pink construction paper and wrote “I LOVE YOU, MOM” in big, red crayon letters. 

She still has it in a special drawer in her bedroom with all the special cards you’ve sent her over the years. 

The Mother-Daughter relationship is a very special one – (e)specially complicated and (e)specially difficult to explain.  But, on this special day we forget how she often drove us crazy and remember how she always drove us to ballet class, piano lessons, choir practice and everywhere else we needed to go, without a word of complaint (well….not very often). 

This Mothers Day you will probably select a beautiful card that expresses your feelings.  The days of home-made, construction paper cards are long behind you. The card is the easy part; it’s the gift part that often drives us crazy.  Every year you struggle to come up with something new and unique. 

Let’s see, now……………..
DeShawnMarie Lilac Rose Soap
Instead of a hand-made card, how about some hand-made soap? 

Mom will love this beautiful bar of LIilac Rose soap ($5.50) from DeShawnMarie, and so will her skin.  Made with coconut milk, lilac and rose it is not only soft and soothing, but the rose petals are a perfect, natural exfoliant. 

And it smells like a spring garden after a gentle rain.  Delicious!


Kim Legler Spring Floral Tote
Speaking of spring, wouldn’t Mom just love this 100% cotton canvas Tote ($40.00) in a hand-printed Spring Floral design? 

Czech-Canadian artist Kim Legler adds her own special touch to every-day textiles to make them truly unique. 
Mom will love taking this Tote shopping or filling it with books and magazines and setting it beside her favorite reading chair for some cozy alone-time with her favorite novel and cup of tea. 

SqueakDesign Silk Scarf

And, of course, you can never go wrong with a beautiful scarf.  Can we ever have too many?  I think not. 

This digitally printed scarf ($100.00) from Australian-based SqueakDesign is 100% silk with a hand-rolled hem. 

What Mom doesn’t love pink…….especially with a dash of teal and black thrown in to shake things up a bit? 
Still not special enough?  Well, let’s see.  Aha!  I’ve got it!! 

Every month, Le Paradis Latin, a cabaret in Paris’s trendy 5th arrondissement, offers a Cancan workshop. 
The 90-minute workshop will have Mom kicking up her heels, not to mention showing her petticoats, as she learns to kick, twirl and rustle her skirts like the cheekiest of Belle Epoque Cancan dancers.  Oh la la!!!

And here’s a little sample of what Mom will learn to do. 

The next time Mom meets the girls for lunch, she can say, “I Cancan, can you?”  Oh la la!!


  1. I can't imagine my mother appreciating those things, but me on the other hand - yes, ma'am. I especially love the scarf. I can picture many outfits built around it. My mom's more the outdoorsy gardening, camping, cottaging, travel type, which between you and me can make it difficult to find things to give her.

    1. Hmmmm.... I guess the Cancan lessons are not an option, then.

      Too bad. She might have been great at them. How about you?

    2. Haha! I think I'd enjoy the dancing, but I'm a little too shy to be flashing my knickers to the world.


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