Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ski Chic

Well, I guess it’s time to be honest with myself. Today is my birthday, and another year has gone by without fulfilling my dream of schussing, schusshing or schlussing down a snow-covered mountain in high style. (Insert “sigh” here.)

Given that I was born in February, and that I positively blossom when the temperature drops, you would think that I would naturally take to the slopes; but, in fact, I never learned to ski, and as the birthdays flash by faster than a downhill racer, I’m afraid that my daredevil days are behind me.

Of course, I have come close a few times.

Once, while staying with friends in Courchevel, I was determined to learn to ski. I packed the perfect ski sweater and had every intention of renting the perfect ski equipment and taking lessons from the perfect (and he was!!) ski instructor; but, somehow, I managed to skip right over the “ski” part and head right for the “après-ski” part of the day.

Maybe it was sharing a raclette with friends while overlooking Mont Blanc that lured me away….or, perhaps, it was that restaurant that served only fois gras….and did I mention the fondue?

After all, I was in the Haute Savoie, it would have been a sacrilege NOT to indulge in such gastronomic delights, n’est-ce pas?

No, if I’m to be totally honest with myself and you, it’s not the sport that appeals to me, but the clothes worn by the rich and famous while they frolic on the slopes.

It is casual couture at its best, and the overall effect is utterly effortless and totally chic.

“What….this old thing? Daaaahling, I just threw it on.”

Celebrities on the slopes go back to the golden days of Hollywood.

Here, the famous “Sweater Girl” herself, the beautiful Lana Turner, poses on the slopes in 1955 looking oh-so-glamorous and filling out a ski sweater better than anyone before or since.

What red-blooded American man wouldn’t want to wax her skis?

Here, Princess Grace, looking sleek and chic, is giving little Princess Stephanie some important tips on how to handle her poles.

Grace came from a very active, athletic family. Her father, Jack Kelly, a champion rower, insisted that all his children be physically fit, and Grace more than held her own.

When she came to Hollywood, it quickly became apparent that the camera not only loved her glorious face, but her lean and muscular body, as well.

This portrait shot of Audrey Hepburn, from the opening sequence of the 1963 Hitchcock film, Charade, shows Audrey at her ski-chic best, with a little help from her favorite designer, Hubert de Givenchy.

That little peak at the back of her hat gives the whole outfit, an otherwise simple, almost austere, black ensemble, an exquisite dash of insouciance and playfulness.

And let’s face it, Ladies, who ever wore a pair of oversized sunglasses better than our Audrey?

Kate Moss looks adorable here in a monochromatic outfit that relies on varied textures for interest and a jaunty beret for that little dash of je ne sais quoi…... so much cuter than a shapeless wool cap pulled down over your ears.

Not exactly the ideal way to keep your ears warm, perhaps, but who cares?

She looks ever-so chic, don’t you think?

Speaking of keeping body parts warm while skiing, take a look at Victoria Beckham in this shot.

No question, she looks fabulous (love the yellow jacket) and appears to know what she’s doing, but there’s a time and place for exposed cleavage and bare tummies, and it’s not on the slopes.

Just looking at this picture makes me want to wrap my woolies around me even tighter.

Brrrrrrr, someone pass me a hot toddy; I’ve got the shivers!!

Of course, no one ever looked as fetching on the slopes as the late and very-much-missed Princess Diana.

Quel charme !! Quelle classe !! Quel style !!

She was just so beautiful; and talk about an eye-catching headband……this is it, Ladies. Take note.

Recognize this handsome gentleman? 

Excuse me while I slip in to the Ski Lodge and into something après-ski appropriate for my après-ski plans with my new ski instructor. 

Maybe my daredevil days aren't so far behind me after all. 

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  1. My dear M-T, this post is too much fun to read - or should I say "drool over..." All these famous friends looking ever so stylish... Utterly delicious.

    Joyeux anniversaire to you, ma chère, and please... No more fretting or regrets about skiing. Après-ski is more up my alley (and I suspect yours, too :-)

    Thank you for the fashion review. I will pull out this post, should I ever feel tempted to hit the slopes...

    Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. I look forward to sharing an après-ski with you any time. Actually, I look forward to sharing anything delicious with you. Soon, I hope?

      Merci beaucoup for the Happy Birthday wishes.

      Next month, it's my turn to return the favor.

      gros bisous, M-T

  2. awww Happy Birthday!
    Maybe come and ski here in New Zealand where there's no raclette to distract you ;-)
    Regarding wearing a skimpy tank top: I am incredibly unsporty myself, but my husband used to be quite good at skiing. He is very skinny and frequently wears two sweaters at once to keep warm, but used to ski in a T shirt. I think once you get passed the stage of falling over all the time, it's possible to get quite hot!

    1. Dear Andrea, thank you so much for the Happy Birthday wishes. I am very touched.

      I have heard that New Zealand is absolutely gorgeous, w/or w/out the raclette. Perhaps I will experience it firsthand some day.

      Thanks, also, for the tip about T-shirts and skiing. If I ever do learn to ski and get past the falling-down stage, I'll try my luck w/a skimpy "T".

      Many thanks for stopping by. Please visit again.

      Warmest T-shirt regards, M-T

  3. Happy Birthday fellow aquarius!

    1. How wonderful to have a fellow Aquarian in my readers' circle.

      Thanks so very much for the Birthday wishes.

      When may I return the favor?

      Warm regards, M-T

  4. I'm one of your new followers & just Love reading your post after my B/fast this morning, especially this one. I've never skied but like the sound of the apres- ski, that's more me. Then I saw your ski instructor ha ha! always loved Kevin Costner so I'd certainly make the effort to learn if you'd share him, even if he only picked me up after my fall & there'd be many of those. Lovely to see a picture of Diana she always looked beautiful.

    1. I'm honored to have you among my Readers and Followers. Looks as if I've become an après-B/fast habit....lovely!

      How clever of you to recognize my ski instructor. Frankly, I think Kevin Costner has only improved with age -- a little less hair, a lot more charm.

      And, yes, I plan on falling A LOT, wouldn't you?

      I'll be happy to share him. I believe the line forms to right.

      So nice of you take the time to leave such a great comment.

      Stop by often.

  5. I can't deny that skiing is exhilarating and a little après-ski fun can also lift the spirits. But after years of indulging I am now having dreadful knee problems as a result of a nasty skiing accident 30 years ago. In hindsight, I would relinquish my skiing experiences for some healthy knees. I’m far too young to be having “wobbly legs”! Warm regards

    1. So sorry you are having knee problems and wobbly legs.

      I'm still paying the price for some old ballet injuries. Apparently, I went on point too young. NOW they tell me!

      Love hearing from you. Please do stop by again.

      Warm regards, M-T

  6. Scott from The Sartorialist was recently skiing/snowboarding in Stowe, Vermont (where I live...and I don't ski!). Ski chic according to him was demonstrated through the one pic he took while enjoying our beautiful slopes- A plaid Woolrich jacket, wool cap, drab corduroys and L.L.Bean boots. Go figure!

    1. How sad that Ski chic is becoming harder and harder to spot on the slopes. I must check out the picture you refer to on The Sartorialist.

      You live in beautiful, snowy Stowe and you don't ski? How ever did you manage that?

      We'll definitely have to skip right to the après-ski portion of the day and have a lovely chat.

      Warm regards, M-T

    2. Married an expert skier 6 yrs. ago who wanted to retire to a place he bought here in the 90's. You are not the first to ask this question! I've been vacationing in VT since the late 70's and fortunately enjoy the other seasons of outdoor activity this year round resort has to offer. As for our snowy winters (I do snowshoe), I have a lovely fireplace and great co-workers at the real estate office I work in. Pull up a chair and I'll make you some hot chocolate!

    3. Ah.... the things we do for love, n'est-ce pas? No doubt you met your "expert skier" on one of your vacation trips to VT. How romantic.

      Actually, I have done some snowshoeing and enjoyed it.

      A cup of hot chocolate by a lovely fireplace sounds like heaven. I'll take you up on that some time.

      Speaking of snow, you should have seen Central Park covered in snow this weekend. It looked like a Hollywood set.

      Warm regards, M-T

    4. I first met my husband when he walked into the real estate office I was managing back in the early 1990's. After a brief business connection (he was just about to marry someone else)we didn't see each other again until 2006. This is a two cups of hot chocolate story!

      I love when snow is fresh and new and enjoyed both Central Park and Boston photos of the last storm. Brightens an otherwise grey landscape!

    5. Oooooh, itztru, what a romantic story. Did he marry the "someone else" in the interim ........... or........... did her realize he couldn't go through w/it after meeting you?

      Do tell, do tell.

      Definitely a two cupper

      Cheers, M-T

  7. He married the wrong brunette!

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