Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Great Classic Coats for Under $150

Last night I had to put an extra blanket on the bed, and by early December I will need my down comforter. Now is the perfect time to do an inventory of your winter coats.

Are they in good repair? Are they still in style? If not, here's a great selection of classic winter coats, any one (or more) of which would be a great way to warm up your coat collection this season for less than $150.

Oh....and I've thrown in some great scarves and hats, too, just for fun.

Great Classic Coats

H m
$110 - hm.com

H m
$95 - hm.com

H m
$79 - hm.com

H m
$64 - hm.com

Charlotte Taylor circle scarve
$270 - coggles.com

McQ by Alexander McQueen silk shawl
$260 - garmentquarter.com

Tory burch

Becksöndergaard summer scarve
$105 - glassworks-studios.com


  1. Love the green coat, clean lines and an unusual colour. If my navy Gerard Darel was not still in good condition I would be tempted.

    1. Gerard Darel?! One of my favorite brands......

  2. Don't you just love that teal green color? I couldn't pass that one up....had to include it if only for the color alone, although it's a great cut, too.

    If you've got a Gérard Darel in good condition, hang onto it.

    Thanks for stopping by. Seen any good operas lately?

  3. Love the green one too both for the lines and the color. Congratulation for your choice of scarves and hats. They are all adorable!
    No coat in my Florida closet, unfortunately.... That's something I miss so much from the time I was living in France. BUT.....I was offered the magical wrap by a friend of mine - who wanted to make a kind of joke.... And here comes the ugly but comfy snuggie. Not exactly trendy (LOL) but perfect for a cool evening!
    Bonne soirée sous ta couette.
    Bizz Bizz
    Ta cop du sud

  4. OMG, ma chère Anne, the thought of you in a Snuggie is just tooooo much! La Reine des Foulards in a Snuggie......OMG BIG TIME! So funny!

    I am delighted you approve of my choice of scarves and hats. Coming from you, that is a big compliment. Merci beaucoup!

    Bizz Bizz
    Ta cop du nord

    1. 17 novembre... Il fait froid en Floride. Snuggie out of the closet. LOL !
      Bisous frigorifiés

  5. I love them all, who could choose? And definitely time for that down comforter here!

    1. I couldn't agree more. Having to choose is sooo difficult. It's like choosing your favorite color among all your favorites.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.


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