Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Museum Donation That Helps the Hurt

How long has it been since the man of your dreams shattered that dream and broke your heart?

Decades ago? A year ago? A month ago?

Illustration by Kanako of My Little Paris


Are you still sobbing over the striped shorts he left behind?


Courtesy of My Little Paris
There’s nothing like a thorough closet purge to make you feel like a new woman – take charge of your closet; take charge of your life.
Maybe it’s time to do a thorough purge of your emotional closet by getting rid of the relics of that unhappy romance.


Le Centquatre in Paris (19th arrondissement) will be hosting the first exhibit of Le Musée des Cœurs Brisés (“Museum of Broken Hearts”), which opens on December 19th.
And here’s the best part……….they will be accepting donations until this Friday, November 30th !!! 

Wouldn’t you just love to see his shorts hanging on a museum wall?

And how about this for a caption………………???

“Long on promises -- short on delivery.”

For more information about donations and the exhibit, click here.


  1. "Long on promises... Short on delivery..." -- Ha! ha! ha! Somehow, I am not even surprised you came up with that one, M-T! -- Good one :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Hmmm, me thinks, ma chère, that you know me too well. I must start being utterly unpredictable. I think I'll start tomorrow.

    Glad you got a big chuckle today.

    Bizzzz, M-T

  3. What about "short on promises and long on delivery"???
    This exhibition sounds fun...
    Plein de bisous et plein de mercis encore :-)
    Ta cop de tout en bas.

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