Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New York Fashion Week – Setting the World on Fire?

Saturday, February 11th, midway through New York Fashion Week, I am sitting in the Grand Tier of the Metropolitan Opera watching the world come to an end.

In the final moments of Richard Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, the last opera of his epic masterpiece, “The Ring Cycle,” the world is set ablaze by a woman who has loved, lost and taken her revenge.

But, there is sooo much more to the story of the warrior Valkyrie, Brünnhilde, and her hero, Siegfried.

Betrayed by the man she loves and complicit in his murder, after lighting Siegfried’s funeral pyre, Brünnhilde mounts her winged stallion Grane and rides into the flames to perish with the man she loves. The flames of their love set the world ablaze destroying it completely. The effect of that final scene never fails to set my soul on fire.

Not far from where I was sitting, the runway shows were falling far short of setting the fashion world on fire. This year’s Fashion Week in New York was dubbed “derivative” by some and sneered at as a “snoozer” by others, meaning there were no avant-garde breakout trends to set the hearts of the fashion cognoscenti on fire. With a few exceptions, most of the fashions being shown for fall 2012 were dismissed as tired and traditional. Some went so far as to use the dreaded “W” word ----wearable. Eeeke!! This, of course, was music to my ears.

So, have we nothing interesting to look forward to this fall?

Well, fur and leather will be back, and opera (over-the-elbow) gloves, a personal favorite of mine, adorned the slender arms of quite a few runway models last week.

Nothing makes a woman look more graceful and feminine than a pair of long gloves. These elegant beauties are from Diane von Furstenberg.

And the hot color for fall will be oxblood. This is a wonderfully understated color that works well for cool and warm color palettes alike.

A deep maroon with a tinge of reddish-brown, oxblood can stand on its own as an accent color or work equally well as a neutral upon which to build a great outfit.

These Derek Lam leather trousers in oxblood are paired with a neutral sleeveless top and a fur neck wrap in a warm hue of deep beige.

You don’t have to be a stick figure model to pull off this look.

Nanette Lepore featured these metallic oxford-style shoes.

Aren’t they just fabulous?

Male-inspired footgear has been quite the rage for the last few years and appears to be a continuing trend for fall.

I have a great pair of saddle colored oxford ties with a 2” stacked heel which have become my absolute favorite run-around-town shoes.

And my black, patent-leather loafers with thick crepe soles are absolutely perfect for an afternoon of antiquing.

So, maybe this year’s fall fashions won’t set the world on fire. That’s fine with me. When it comes to setting the world on fire, no one can hold a candle, or should I say a torch, to Brünnhilde.


  1. This is great fashion week of New York. Everything is perfect, but i like very much derek lam leather trousers in oxblood are paired with a neutral sleeveless top. I impressed by that.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your insightful comments. So glad you liked my NY Fashion Week picks.


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