Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Fashion Flash 2011 - Flower Power Makes a Comeback!

Don’t look now, Baby Boomers, but Flower Power is back and it’s everywhere this spring.

From the boudoir to the balcony to the boulevards, Paris is in bloom.

In this adorable little retro boutique, Les Fleurs, in the Bastille neighborhood, the tasteful profusion of flowers adds a touch of country chic to everything, whether you are looking for accessories for you or for your home.

If you’re not into planting, hoeing and weeding this spring, you can always wear your spring garden.

This Dolce & Gabbana flower print dress with white tank top effect is a little bit campagne and a little bit rock ‘n roll. So cute.

And the flower anklets are such a feminine touch, provided you’ve got the ankles to show them off.

Do you think she has her gardening tools in that big green tote?

No, I think she’s going straight from the runway to the Bois to share a pique-nique à deux with someone special, and she’s bringing the wine, the cheese, the bread and the flowers.

How romantic!

If you’re not into wearing an entire spring garden on your body, the next best thing is to accessorize with them.

These floral accessories are all available at Monoprix, the French Fashionista’s favorite place to do cheap and chic.

And, of course, there is nothing more classic and timeless than wearing a flower in your hair.

This elegant young lady, who comes to us courtesy of Posh Little Tutus, knows not only how to wear her pretty posy but how to strike the perfect pose to go with it.

Clearly there is a runway in this little Fashionista’s future.

Have a flower-filled spring.


  1. I am so prone to buying floral printed clothing - I remember one time in the 1980's a friend looked in my closet and wanted to know if that's all I bought.
    So I have to be careful. I bought a floral printed blouse a while back that I was wearing the other day I was so happy that type of print (vintage look) was back in style - because in style or not, I loved it and that's why I bought it.

    Flowers never go out of style.

  2. I agree. Everything old is new again. Flower prints are like animal prints -- they never really go away, but you have to be careful how much of them you use.

    In the end, it's what makes us smile when we look in the mirror that really counts, and flowers always make me smile.

  3. M-T - look, I am wearing a floral print in my blogger profile pic! LOL!

  4. Love that pic. You look like a breath of spring! LOL!


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