Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Love Recycled – Can You Move Forward by Going Back?

It’s Friday morning and I’m sitting in the Ophthalmologist’s examining chair as he looms over me shining a light in the right, then the left, eye.  I’ve been seeing him for many years now.  Dr. X is a teeny bit eccentric, to be honest, but I like him, and I get a real kick out of his monologues.  I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to keep up a running stream of chatter during the entire length of the exam -- about his life, his ex-wife, his children and anything that pops into his head.  I interrupt only occasionally to pose a question, but, basically, I just sit back and let him ramble on. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Black by Popular Demand

How beautiful it is outside today.  My bedroom window makes a pale blue frame around a winter wonderland -- a light dusting on the trees, a white coating on the lake.  Everything sparkles in the noonday sun.  It’s been snowing for two days; the first snowfall of winter is always the prettiest of the season.  It’s the perfect time to wish all of you, my dear readers, a healthy, happy and prosperous 2015. 
The Christmas holidays came and went in a blur of activity.  The gift list gets smaller and smaller every year, which is a blessing and a sorrow.  The children in my life are no longer children; gift certificates have replaced snow globes with dancing ballerinas.   Loved ones lost to me are remembered with sweet sadness.  It gets harder and harder to find interesting and clever gifts for friends and family, but I still do my best and so do they.  In fact, I got a terrific gift (i.e., clever, interesting and practical) from my sister-in-law, Sandy. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Very Crawley Christmas with the du Ponts – Part 3

At the end of Part 2, we left poor Lady Edith at the altar.  Sadly, we were not the first to do so.  Now, it’s time to take a look at Lady Mary’s most beautiful clothes (I've saved the best for last!) and relive one of her most beautiful moments, as we conclude our tour of the Costumes of Downton Abbey at the magnificent Winterthur Museum. 

Can we ever forget Lady Mary’s fabulous spider web dress? 

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Very Crawley Christmas with the du Ponts – Part 2

Welcome back, dear Readers, as we continue our tour of the Costumes of Downton Abbey at the magnificent Winterthur Museum.  In Part 1, I gave you a little background on Winterthur and the du Pont family, the American landed-gentry counterparts of the British Crawleys of Downton Abbey.  We began our Downton Abbey costume tour downstairs.  Now, it’s time to move upstairs to see what the well-dressed Crawleys are wearing. 

Let’s start with some of their favorite outdoor activities. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Very Crawley Christmas with the du Ponts – Part 1

It was a dark and stormy night………..just kidding!..........actually, it was a cold and rainy morning as we three ladies piled into Earline’s SUV to begin our journey across three States.  No sooner had we buckled our seat belts than the rain had turned to sleet.  But we were prepared for any eventuality; we had packed bottled water, trail mix and lots and lots of chocolate. 

And suddenly, there it was.  The skies had cleared, and its lofty spires glinted in the sunlight before us.  We had reached our destination – Downton Abbey!!

M-T and Earline at Downton Abbey

Thursday, November 20, 2014

‘Twas the Week Before Thanksgiving……

‘Twas the week before Thanksgiving, and my girlfriends and I are having lunch, as we do every year at this time, before strapping on our dancing shoes.  The annual holiday dance begins next week.  It starts as a languorous waltz, picks up speed and ends in a frantic tarantella.  But, for now, we will enjoy this quiet time with each other as we clink our champagne glasses and vow NOT to let the holidays leave us in an exhausted heap.  Two months later, over a postmortem lunch, we will clink our glasses again to celebrate our survival. 

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